Overknee boots

Overknee boots

What are over the knee boots?

Definition: Even knee boots Overknee boots Sometimes it’s easy leg called. However, the latter expression is also a name for stockings that reach above the knees.

Overknee boots are divided into two groups:

  • In models with wide shaft and
  • in models with full wave.

For those with slightly thicker calves, finding suitable over-the-knee boots with a firm, sturdy shaft is usually not easy. In this case we recommend a remote model. Over the knee boots are one of the types of shoes that are available not only for women but also for men – for unisex shoes.

The guide to over-the-knee boots

Combine overknees – the optimal styling

Not just about that Jeans Over-the-knee boots may be worn; They also fit perfectly short skirts. The boot height of the boots should be based on the length of the skirt – the shorter the skirt, the higher the shaft of the boots should be. Sexy in no time Styling, when you combine over-the-knee boots with a tight top.

Should you wear knee boots in the office?

Whether overknee boots are suitable as office shoes depends on which one dress code prevails in the respective office. Another important aspect is this Characteristics of overknees. Flat styles with wide shafts finished in a muted color hardly come across as office-ready. If the over-the-knee boots have a wedge heel or a penny heel, things look much worse. Avoid anything in the office that might remotely remind you of the red light environment. That is also crucial Styling, with which you combine the overknee boots. A hairstyle that is not too flashy and subtle jewelry is best paired with these boots.

Black Over The Knee Boots, Black Jacket Vic Torre, via Flickr.
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