Ombre Short Hair Ideas

Ombre Short Hair Ideas

Ombre is a hot hair coloring trend that is almost as popular as balayage, but most of us think this is a good idea for long hair. Is not it! Even if you have short hair, you can get a very bold ombre for a chic and sexy look – there are many ways to try and any haircut can be accented this way. Do you want some ideas? Let’s check out the coolest ones!

Natural ombre

Rock your dark base or make a dark root and add ombre in natural shades that you like: light brown, chestnut, bronde, caramel or blonde. The look you get depends on what you’re looking for – a bold contrast or a more natural look but a very eye-catching one. You can try multiple shades for a smoother and gradual change, or choose a color to add more contrast.

Colorful ombre

Rock bold colorful ombre if you want to stand out! Lots of celebrities have tried it and now is the time to do it too! Black or dark brown roots with turquoise, teal, pink, lavender, ash or silver gray are a fantastic statement that will be seen from anywhere. You can also try an opposite option: light roots with dark ombre, for example, it is really unique. The more contrast you create, the bolder you will look!

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