Ombre Nails Ideas

Ombre Nails Ideas

Ombre is the gradual mixing of one shade with another, usually shifting hues and shades from light to dark. Ombre is a very popular trend that can be found absolutely everywhere: in home decor, in event decorations, on hair, clothing, shoes and of course nails. Ombre nails are a hot trend that is totally wearable: at work and for parties. I want to share some amazing ideas of ombre nails to rock. Let yourself be inspired!

Matte ombre nails

Matte ombre nails are two of the hottest nail trends rolled into one, they just look stunning! Choose any color: purple, pink, red, black, gray, blue, or any other. You can go from strong to very subtle and pastel-colored tones, almost white, or from strong to dark, for example from strong red to black. You can also find work-friendly manicure ideas – a French matte ombre manicure looks very chic and feminine and no one is going to criticize it at work.

Shiny ombre nails

Rock bold neon colors for your vacation! Bold blue, pink, red, purple, yellow or mint. Try out color gradient ideas, for example from blue to pink, from emerald to mint or from strong orange to sun yellow. Glossy black or dark brown nails can fade into lighter tones and then white. You can also rock some quieter colors with a glossy top – just go for different styles of French manicure. You can also use glitter coats or rhinestones to make your nails stand out even more. Get inspired!

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