Olive green jacket outfit ideas

Olive green jacket outfit ideas

When I think of simple and versatile colors and shades, black is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. It goes perfectly with any other garment. However, there are some colors that are not as popular but work well. One of them is olive green. Today this shade is going to be the main reason why we are going to talk about the olive green jacket.

This post isn’t about a jacket, it’s about the shade. We’ll see how this olive green combines with other colors and garments.
Olive green is also known as the military green color that made its way into fashion a long time ago. It was originally made for soldiers and the army to help them camouflage themselves in the fields and forests.

Asymmetrical olive green jacket

olive green jacket asymmetrical
Asymmetries are one of the most watched trends on the streets. I hope you read the post about asymmetrical skirts. If not, click here to see how to style them.
This jacket has a long tail, but the front part is short. Thanks to its color, you can choose the rest of your garment, so you can easily wear striped button-downs and pants.

Oversized olive green jacket

oversized olive green jacket
Oversized jackets are a must this year. Olive green is a great color for spring or fall. This girl opted for blue button-downs (also oversized) and skinny jeans.
The beige shoulder bag looks very chic. The look is perfect for everyday wear or for Sunday coffee on a bar terrace.

Printed mini skirt and olive green jacket

olive green skirt with jacket pattern
Statement skirt is something every girl needs in her closet. It can be printed or in a light color. However, it is important to style it properly.
Pair it with a bomber jacket and a mustard top. Olivia Palermo decided to style it with neutral, earthy tones. To complete this look, add beige heels.

White boots and an olive parka

olive green jacket white boots
If you follow trends, you’ve probably noticed white boots on every it girl on the street. That’s correct. You’re one of those comeback trends from the ’90s.
You can style your denim jacket under the long oversized parka. It will look interesting and very chic. You can add statement jewelry and retro sunglasses.

Elegant dress and olive green bomber jacket

olive green jacket dress bomber
Mixing styles can be easy if you are confident. Don’t be afraid and do it. This olive green jacket is paired with an elegant printed dress and super cool heels.
Giovanna Battaglia is someone who is not afraid to combine different styles or materials. Follow her steps and be unique like her.

Back to basics

olive green jacket leather basics
This outfit is perfect for those days when you don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes in front of the mirror. Plain and simple staples are some of my favorites and I always buy them over some trendy ones.
Opt for the green suede jacket, white t-shirt and black jeans for the ultimate casual look that you can wear every day.

Olive Leather Jacket (Shortened)

cropped olive green jacket
Short leather jackets look edgy and very cool. They highlight your curves and body shape.
If you like these types of jackets, check out these outfit combinations. It’s simple and basic. This girl opted for the olive green leather jacket and paired it with black jeans. You can add a turtleneck sweater for a chic and casual look. Don’t forget the white bag. There is a statement in this look.

Dark olive color

casual olive green jacket
All black outfits are very inspirational even though they consist of only one neutral color – black.
However, when you add a statement detail like this jacket, the combinations are amazing and very eye-catching.
These outfits are the perfect workwear inspiration while pairing this jacket with some elegant staples that you are looking for for formal occasions.

Silk shirt and olive green jacket

olive green jacket shirt
Singlets are one of my favorite pieces. They’re flattering, made of silk and very versatile. Combining them with jeans gives you great everyday combinations. Olive green jacket is perfect for fall weather. You can still wear undershirts even though it’s breezy.
When it comes to shoes, you can choose between flats, ankle boots or heels.

Embroidered olive green jacket

embroidered olive green jacket
Embroidery is a beautiful way to decorate your clothes. Whether ethnic or floral, the embroidery details are very interesting and eye-catching.
This olive green parka would look pretty ordinary and simple without these details. With these combinations of floral and geometric embroidery, this jacket transforms your outfit into a stunning outfit.

Tailored olive green jacket

olive green jacket romantic
You can wear a romantic blouse in combination with the tailored leather jacket every day. This look should not only be reserved for special occasions. This jacket is very simple but stylish and chic. You can pair it with a turtleneck or sweater if you like.
You can choose between ankle boots and overknee boots.

Knit dress and long olive green jacket

olive green jacket long knit dress
With the black knitted dress and the knee-high Dr. Martens boots fit a long jacket. They add an edgy vibe to this casual outfit combo.
If you like layers, add another one. White button-down is a chic detail while keeping you warm.

Olive parka

olive green jacket
Patches and embroidery details are very popular these days. You can see them on jeans, bombers and parka jackets. Girls combine the prints and put on the patches or badges.
This girl combined a green bag and a matching long parka. However, the orange sweater goes surprisingly well with the olive green color. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Colorful dress

olive green jacket colorful dress
The beautiful striped dress has a straight cut which is very flattering. You should definitely combine it with over-the-knee boots and a cropped bomber jacket.
Strike the balance between masculine olive color and feminine dress and boots.

shearling jacket

olive green jacket lambskin
These warm and soft jackets are perfect for winter. They can make you feel cozy and very stylish at the same time.
Wear it with stylish or casual staples. It is very versatile so you can choose according to the occasion.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas!

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