Non Boring Nude Nails Ideas

Non Boring Nude Nails Ideas

Nude manicure is a timeless classic that is suitable for every nail length and shape. It always looks good and can be worn anywhere, from the office to the party. But a simple, shiny, nude manicure is a little too common. How can you brush up your mani to look cool? Here are a few ideas.

Matte nude nails

Simple nude nails can be jazzed up with a matte finish – matte nails have become hugely popular, and matte nude nails look very chic and very neat. They can literally be worn anywhere, from work to the party. If you’re going to a party, you can try bold ideas: refine your nails with tiny rhinestones, sequins, or geometric metallic accents. They look rich in contrast and very chic.

Shiny bare nails

If you’re in the mood for shiny bare nails, there are several different ways you can give them a chic look. Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, geometric accents, stickers – anything you like is welcome! Half moons and negative space are a great take on the usual nude manicure and can be worn to work. Another trendy idea is adding metal strips to your nude manicure that looks very modern. Get inspired!

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