Nice ways to wear boyfriend jeans

Nice ways to wear boyfriend jeans

Wearing boyfriend jeans doesn’t mean you can’t look ladylike at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, you can look chic and absolutely amazing if you choose the right style. One of the coolest things about wearing boyfriend jeans is that you can be reluctant to look pretty if your friends think you’re just looking pretty without trying. You just think you look natural and beautiful. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the best ideas for wearing boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans Meaning – What Are They Anyway?

typical example of boyfriend jeans

Before we delve into the different boyfriend jean outfit ideas, let’s talk about what boyfriend jeans actually are. We hear a lot about boyfriend jeans, but some might think they’re just baggy jeans. Not exactly. They are jeans with a relaxed fit, more relaxed than skinny jeans but not necessarily baggy. Because of the relaxed fit, the jeans appear to be borrowed from friends. The picture above is a typical example of boyfriend jeans. The color of boyfriend jeans doesn’t have to be light blue, but it is the most typical color when we talk about light blue. The jeans are very often ripped jeans.

Wear it with a comfortable horizontal striped long-sleeved t-shirt

Boyfriend jeans with horizontal striped t-shirt

comfortable striped t-shirt boyfriend jeans

Pair your boyfriend jeans with a slightly loose striped long-sleeve tee. This combination is simple and classic. Don’t ask me why it works. It just works. You can see that this style only makes you look casual and feminine. Try this style to look stylish and beautiful in a casual occasion. It looks particularly good in autumn. Short-sleeved striped t-shirts also work, but aren’t as feminine as long-sleeved t-shirts in my opinion. Also this outfit idea can easily help to hide your belly fat. By the way, if you are looking for ways to lose your belly fat, here is our blog post on how to get rid of love handles.

Wear a cropped t-shirt with boyfriend jeans

cropped t-shirt ripped boyfriend jeans


For those of you who advocate a curvy waistline, it’s a good idea to show just a little skin by wearing a cropped t-shirt with your boyfriend jeans, especially in summer. This casual and sexy look will make you look amazing and draw all the attention. If you’re not afraid of the cold, you can definitely try a short-sleeved cropped t-shirt in the fall or winter to really stand out from the crowd. You can combine them with boots like in the picture below.

cropped long sleeve t-shirt boyfriend jeans

Wear it with an off the shoulder or cold shoulder blouse

cold shoulder blouse boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans classic strapless top

Off the shoulder top with boyfriend jeans

One of the most feminine ways to wear boyfriend jeans is to wear them with an off the shoulder or cold shoulder blouse. A white blouse usually goes best with the usually light blue boyfriend jeans. This is a slightly less casual look than some of the other ideas I mentioned earlier. It’s the perfect outfit for a casual date.

Wear boyfriend jeans with a colorful scarf

Scarf coat boyfriend jeans outfit idea

Winter scarf boyfriend jeans

colorful scarf with boyfriend jeans

Wearing a colorful scarf with boyfriend jeans looks great whether it’s summer or winter. It simply provides the details needed for the more stylish and complex look. Check out our other article to learn more about wearing scarves in summer.

Comfortable sweater with boyfriend jeans

comfortable sweater boyfriend jeans outfit

A comfortable sweater looks feminine and casual with boyfriend jeans. This is a great outfit idea for spring and fall. To stand out even more from the crowd, try a strapless or strapless sweater. Look at the pictures below. You will look so much more fragile than usual that your boyfriend would love to hug you and take care of you. This is also the perfect outfit idea for a casual date.

One Shoulder Fluffy Sweater Boyfriend Jeans

strapless sweater with boyfriend jeans

Wear a denim shirt with boyfriend jeans

Denim shirt Boyfriend Jeans feminine

Denim shirt with boyfriend jeans

Pairing a denim shirt with boyfriend jeans can make you look pretty masculine if you don’t style it right. To look more feminine with this style of outfit, you should wear a relatively large necklace with feminine elements like flowers. The images above are some great examples of pairing a denim look with ladylike accessories.

Wear with a long coat

nice long coat boyfriend jacket outfit


Wearing a long coat with boyfriend jeans is a good idea for fall and winter. With this outfit idea you look very casual and yet unique.

Wear a black leather jacket with boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Black Leather Jacket Outfit Idea

Surprisingly, you can still look feminine by pairing a black leather jacket with boyfriend jeans if you accessorize them with feminine details. For example, as in the picture above, the lady looks absolutely stylish and sharp. With the beautiful necklace, rings and heels, she looks very ladylike and beautiful.

Wear a tank with boyfriend jeans

Tank Top Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Summer

white tank with boyfriend jeans

Of course, I will not forget about this classic and popular combination. This is probably one of the most popular outfit ideas when summer comes around. Both white and black tank tops pair well with boyfriend jeans. Wear a long casual necklace to add class to the overall look.

Wear a boho top with boyfriend jeans

black boho chic top with boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend denim boho top

Boho Sweater Boyfriend Jeans

Boho style is a style known to be beautiful and feminine. Pairing a boho top with contrasting boyfriend jeans will look feminine and stylish at the same time. If you are a fan of boho style, you should read our article on white boho clothing ideas.

Wear it with a white lace top

Off Shoulder Lace Top Boyfriend Jeans

long sleeve white boyfriend jeans with lace top

Pairing it with a white lace top is also a very feminine way to wear boyfriend jeans. For an ultimate beautiful and feminine look, a strapless or cropped white lace top is ideal.

If you’ve seen the ideas above, you can see that it’s surprisingly easy to look casual and feminine in boyfriend jeans. Many of the ideas above are easy to implement regardless of your body type. More importantly, boyfriend jeans are comfortable to wear because of their relaxed cut. If you find the above ideas helpful, be sure to check out our other outfit ideas and beauty tips.

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