What are moccasins?

Definition: Moccasins belong to the category of slip shoes and in their current design have the following additional features:

  • The upper continues to the bottom of the shoe and surrounds the shoe.
  • There is no separate insole.
  • You have no paragraph.

The moccasins are sometimes compared to the opanke, which is also one of the historical shoes.

The history of moccasins

This type of shoe was originally made from one piece of suede, sometimes two pieces of fur. When processing two pieces of fur, one of the pieces of fur was used for the lower part, the other as a front panel insert. Moccasins were the first American shoes. Depending on the tribe, the design of the moccasins, which were decorated with shells, pearls and porcupine bristles, for example. Moccasins were particularly popular as slippers. In this variant, the shoes were equipped with silk ribbons and textile lining.

Variations of moccasins are Weejun’s. Top Sider and Penny Mocs(These shoe types will be covered in the future in this shoe encyclopedia.) The term moccasins was used in the 1940s slipper embossed. This terminology caused confusion as there are two different types of shoes. Moccasins don’t have heels, but slip-ons.

From clogs to moccasins

Originally, clogs were used to protect women from the common cold. However, since the clogs slipped easily towards the end of the 18th century when the ground was frozen, moccasins were put over the shoes. Today, in winter, waterproof galoshes serve this purpose.

The Guide to Moccasins

What clothes can you combine with moccasins?

They fit perfectly straight leg jeans, that can be narrow or wide. Combine with moccasins other pants, You can set feminine accents with playful accessories such as romantic pearl necklaces. This type of shoe can also be combined very well with an outfit with a dress.

Can you make moccasins yourself?

Moccasins can also be made or made by yourself. I found a crochet tutorial for a very small model here.

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