Mixed Print Summer Outfits

Mixed Print Summer Outfits

This year is all about bright prints and colors, and summer is especially bold. If you want to stand out and look unusual this season, consider combining prints. Mixed prints are a trend that is sometimes on and sometimes off, and this year it’s all about that.

What prints can you mix and match? Literally any prints! Stripes and other stripes, flowers and stripes, polka dots and stripes and many other combinations – anything that comes to mind is now possible. You can create a cohesive look for the same color scheme, but that’s not strictly necessary – you can go for something crazy too!

Don’t create boring mixed-print looks with a dress and shirt with different prints, with pants or pants and a shirt, with printed t-shirts and shorts – there are endless ways to forget about the usual boring outfits. Take a look around and be inspired!

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