Metallic Pencil Skirts Outfits

Metallic Pencil Skirts Outfits

Today we want to focus again on pencil skirts and how you can use them to create adorable and stylish outfits for a spring. It’s no secret that metallic clothing, accessories, and shoes are still trendy, and I want to give you a few examples of how you can combine metallic pencil skirts with other items. You should know that fashionistas mostly choose gold or silver ones, but you can find more eye-catching emerald green, red or other brightly colored skirts. Now you can look below to include all of the ideas we’ve gathered just for you. Enjoy!

Outfits with tops, blouses and shirts

If you want something fashionable for every day then try repeating the look of a Rita Ora. So you can combine a sleeveless top in white and mint green with a silver knee-length pencil skirt, a blue cap, sunglasses, silver pumps and a bag with chain straps. Or you can choose a black shirt and combine it with a metal skirt and black necklines. If you want to create an elegant outfit for an event, you can combine a black strapless top with sunglasses, a gold high-waisted midi pencil skirt, a black leather bag and black pumps. Or transform a top into a white buttoned shirt and a classic bag into a clutch.

Outfits with jackets, blazers and cardigans

If you love a sporty-chic style, you can combine a silver knee-length pencil skirt with a black and white bomber jacket, a mini clutch and black high heels. Don’t be afraid to combine two pieces of metallic clothing in one outfit. For example, you can pair a black turtleneck with a silver metallic blazer, a silver high-waisted skirt, rounded sunglasses, and a black leather clutch.

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