Men Clock Tattoo Ideas

Men Clock Tattoo Ideas

Nowadays almost all men have tattoos (at least one) but if you are not the lucky owner of a great, stylish and meaningful tattoo and you want to ink one but still haven’t come up with a perfect idea then I am sure this article will be of interest to you be. Today I want to show you some pictures of clock tattoos that look so amazing on your arms, legs, neck and shoulders. If you already have several different tattoos, you can add this type of tattoo to your other pictures. But first let’s find out what clock tattoos mean. There are different meanings: for example, a clock with flowers means eternal love, a pocket watch is a symbol for special events in life, a skull watch stands for mortality and death. Now you can take a look below, consider all of the tattoo design ideas, and pick one for you.

Black clock tattoo ideas

No doubt the most popular watch tattoos are black. You can put them on your arms, shoulders, chest, legs, etc. If you have a special and important date to yourself, you can use it to make a clock tattoo or meaningful words or names. Do you want something unique? Then repeat a clock and pyramid or eye tattoo design, it looks beautiful!

Colorful clock tattoo ideas

Add colors to make your tattoos look stronger. You can choose neutral and calm colors like marsala, white, gray, black or brown. Or you can add bright ones, e.g. B. red, blue, green or yellow. For example, combine a black outline or just a black and gray clock with red or pale pink flowers like roses or a black clock with flashy colored phrases. You can also try adding a colorful butterfly or bird to your watch. Enjoy!

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