Low shoes

Low shoes

Slippers are probably the most common shoes worn by both adults and children. The closed shoes, which reach to the ankle, are mainly made of leather and have a toe or Velcro closure.

Classification of the loafer category

The shape of the shoe is not characteristic of the shoe, only the fact that the upper of the shoe falls just below the ankle.

Differences in sale and form

There are many forms in which low shoes are offered. Some have heels of up to 5 inches, while others are fairly flat. And the shape of the lace may also vary according to fashion. There are very pointed shoes, semi-circular but also square models, so the taste of the wearer is practically unlimited.


In addition to the shape, the material used for the slippers can vary greatly. There are slippers

and even off

What material the shoes are made of depends a lot on the price of the shoes and how they are used. Imitation leather or other plastics are often used, particularly for very cheap shoes. Leather pads are usually standard for shoes in the higher price range.

When choosing slippers, people who are prone to stepping should pay attention to shoes made of natural materials. Because these allow the foot to breathe, while synthetic materials create the sauna climate in the shoe.

However, the material and the shape always adapt to the intended use of the slipper. For example, there will be no athletic shoe on the market that faces forward and has a heel. Just as an elegant shoe does not have the typical mesh for a sporty shoe.

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