Long Bob Hair Ideas

Long Bob Hair Ideas

Long bob is a very popular haircut these days as it flatters most face shapes and looks great with any hair color, as well as with straight and wavy hair. I would say that wavy ombre or balayage hair is the hottest hair trend today because it looks messy, sexy and chic. Let’s see the best ways to rock with such a length of hair.

Straight long bob

If you have straight hair and want to keep it that way, the best and most impressive option for you is an asymmetrical long bob. It just looks great! If you go for highlights, lowlights and layers, you will get a fantastic hairstyle. Dark or light, with or without a side bang, a long bob on straight hair is stunning. You can also opt for a regular long bob but add some texture using highlights, balayage, or other techniques.

Wavy long bob

Now let’s talk about the sexy and chicest hairstyle of the year – a wavy long bob. This is a stunning idea for any hair! Even if your hair doesn’t have a lot of volume or texture, you can easily create it with highlights, lowlights, darker roots and waves. Create adorable, sun-kissed, messy looks and be trendy and effortlessly chic. Opt for a regular bob as an asymmetrical bob is not clearly noticeable due to waves.

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