Lion Men Tattoos

Lion Men Tattoos

Everyone knows that a lion is a king of the jungle and a symbol of strength and power. And it’s no wonder so many men (and women too) choose a lion image for their new tattoo. If you are interested in these types of tattoos, then you should keep reading this article. First, let’s find out what lion tattoos mean. In addition to a power, they are symbols of victory and valor (for example, images of a lion with a crown), authority and leadership (you can find roaring lion tattoos), and wisdom and intellect. Of course, you can add some details to lion tattoos such as: B. a crown, arrows, important phrases and names. Below you can consider all of the tattoo ideas that we have collected for you. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy!

Black Lion Tattoo Ideas

Often times, men place lion tattoos on their arms and shoulders. So, here is how you can follow their lead and ink a lion head tattoo with half sleeves. Just choose the right image of a lion – it can be roaring and aggressive, or regal and calm. No spots for a new tattoo or not ready for big ones? Then look out for tiny tattoos on fingers, wrists, or neck.

Colorful lion tattoo ideas

You should add colors to your lion tattoo if you want to make it more realistic. For example, a yellow or sand colored lion with a red and gold crown looks perfect. You can get matching tattoos with your partner – a lion and a lioness with a flower tattoo on their forearms. Don’t forget about a watercolor technique or add colored splashes as a background. You can choose purple, blue, yellow and green colors for such tattoos and place them on the back, legs and shoulders.

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