Lace Up Summer Sandals

Lace Up Summer Sandals

The lace-up trend started to hit the world in 2014 and it’s now a hot trend that will stay here. Lace-up shoes are incredibly sexy, they highlight your legs and are sure to draw attention, which is why they are such a hit. As summer is here, I want to share with you some lace-up sandals that you can rock this summer to be on trend.


High-heeled sandals with heels are a beautiful and super trendy idea to make a statement. You can wear them to any party and they will never go unnoticed. You can find all children of colors: nude, blue, black, white, red, gray, brown and so on, and the heels can be stiletto or more comfortable thicker ones, it all depends on where you are going to rock them. The lacing can be thin or thick, made of ribbon or suede. If you want a sexy look, I would recommend black color, high heels, and thin lacing – you will look stunning! For more casual outfits, prefer nude suede sandals with thick heels and suede straps.

Wedges are another high-heeled but more comfortable idea for rocking in summer – what can be better for a hot day?

Flat sandals with heel

Such sandals are a great idea when creating a casual or boho look. Such flat sandals easily highlight the beauty of your legs with straps. The most popular color here is black, but you can find nude or white too.

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