How to wear suede dress

How to wear suede dress

In the fashion world we often wear something made from a tougher and thicker fabric for a casual street look. Jeans and denim skirts are some good examples. But denim isn’t the only choice. When it comes to dresses, there’s an underrated breed of dress that has that tough, stylish street look. This is the suede dress. It might not be the most popular choice, but it certainly looks good. To make styling easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best suede dress outfit ideas for you to use as a reference. Let’s take a look.

Brown suede shift dress over black sweater


Because suede has that semi-shiny texture, it can add a lot of depth to an outfit, especially if you’re layering it over something else. For example, you can wear a brown suede sheath dress over a black sweater. A pair of black leather ankle boots is a nice alternative to dress your outfit together.

Green suede dress with denim jacket

Green suede denim jacket

A combination of green and sky blue is so refreshing that it resembles the colors of nature. Here is a breezy outfit that uses such beautiful colors. Simply wear a green suede dress with a light blue denim jacket. Pair them with a green bag and green heeled sandals to achieve this causal yet striking look.

Gray suede short sleeve shift dress

Gray Short Sleeve Suede Shift Dres

Here is an all gray look that looks stylish and elegant. It is an outfit that shows such cool light gray and dark gray. To achieve this look, you can wear a charcoal suede dress with a gray cheetah print scarf. Pair these pieces with light gray suede boots and a gray handbag to complete your look with elegance.

Camel suede dress with black floppy hat

Camel Suede Dress Black Floppy Hat

As mentioned, the satin texture of a suede dress adds so much depth to an outfit. It is perfect to wear as part of an artistic outfit. As an example of an artistic outfit, it consists of a camel suede dress, black floppy hat and boho style black sandals. This minimal outfit made of three simple items just looks very remarkable and stylish.

Burgundy suede mini dress with black ankle heel

Burgundy suede mini dress black ankle heels

Here is another minimal street outfit. You can simply wear a burgundy suede dress with black suede boots. The combination of a suede dress and suede boots just looks really good. You can add an artistic touch to the outfit by wearing a boho style long necklace.

Camel sheath dress with a black felt hat

camel sheath dress black felt hat

For a classy and unique look, you can wear a camel sheath dress with a black felt hat. A black handbag and black ankle boots pull this outfit together.

Gray backless suede mini dress with ankle boots

gray backless suede mini dress ankle boots

Very often when I talked about sexy backless dresses I was talking about ones that are meant for cocktail parties and formal events. This time, however, it’s a backless gray suede mini dress that’s perfect as a street outfit. You can simply wear it with gray leather boots for a stunning and sexy look. The best situations to wear this outfit would be girls nights out.

Brown Sheath Suede Dress with Eastern style details

brown sheath suede dress eastern details

This outfit has some very nice details that take the outfit to another level. The brown suede dress has some Chinese patterns near the collar area and the bottom edge of the dress. The black gladiator sandals add a lot of character and elegance to this unique and beautiful outfit.

Red shift dress with half sleeves and floppy hat

red floppy hat with half-sleeved shift dress

For a stylish and eye-catching look, consider this black and red outfit. Simply wear a red half sleeve sheath dress and a black floppy hat. Pair them with black suede boots and a black handbag. It is an outfit that is particularly appropriate on vacation.

Brown Button Front Suede Shirt Dress

brown suede button down shirt dress

It is very interesting to see how a suede dress in the form of a shirt dress looks. Take this brown suede shirt dress as an example, it seems to look really beautiful and unique. Pair it with boho style brown sandals to complete this casual and minimal outfit.

Brown sheath dress with a boho-style statement necklace

Brown boho style shift dress

This outfit shows a brilliant use of color. It consists of a brown suede sheath dress, a chic yellow handbag and light pink heels. Also, wear a boho-style Statth necklace to complete this simple and striking look. This outfit is a demonstration of how a nice color combination can really draw a lot of attention from others.

Wear it with black gladiator sandals

black gladiator sandals outfit

This has to be the easiest outfit on the list. And for that reason, it’s the perfect demonstration that a simple suede dress looks so deep and good on its own that no accessories are needed to create a beautiful outfit. I’m sure you can just wear this brown suede shift dress with nude sandals and it will look amazing. Alternatively, you can pair the dress with black gladiator sandals for a more unique and stylish look.

Camel Suede Shirt Dress with Gladiator Sandals

Camel Suede Shirt Dress Gladiator Sandals

Here is another minimalist outfit that includes a suede dress and the gladiator sandals. This time it’s a camel shift dress. It is combined with black gladiator sandals, the straps of which reach just below the knees. The sandals really make the outfit that much more eye-catching.

Brown suede shift dress over a white bow tie shirt

brown suede shift dress over white bow tie shirt

This is a stylish and comfortable looking work outfit. You can simply wear a white bow tie shirt and then a brown suede dress and let the collar and sleeves of the shirt peek out.

If you have reached this point of the blog post, you are sure a fashion lover who loves to explore different outfit ideas. These suede outfit ideas just mentioned are very easy to pull off. Give it a try and expand the variety of your outfit game.

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