How to wear pointy toe shoes

How to wear pointy toe shoes

You know how everything in fashion changes quickly and goes in and out of style. That’s why girls these days are loving white boots again, wearing 90’s corduroys and stirrup leggings. When it comes to the shoes, the story is the same. One year they were out of style the next year. But, you know what? Pointe shoes are back in town and better than ever!

Pointe shoes were out of fashion for a while and now they’re suddenly back. The girls accepted them as if they had never gone out of style. They seamlessly mix them with every possible combination, both casual and dressy.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the best ways to wear pointy flats, boots, and heels. You can style them for super casual or formal events and occasions.

Let me start with the pointy toes.

How to wear pointed toes

Stripes for every day

pointy toe shoes striped sweater
If you’re looking for your new everyday outfit for fall days, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s an outfit with clean lines. The striped sweater is here for an extra dose of casual Parisian chic. The cut jeans are extremely comfortable to wear together with the pointed toes.

Black stands for elegance

pointy toe shoes black sweater
This outfit can easily be a winner in the dressy-but-casual category. Classy black cashmere sweater and skinny jeans are paired with black pointed toes for great workwear outfit inspiration. This may be your new favorite outfit combo for the office.

summer lacing

pointy toe shoes lace up
If you are looking for beautiful, comfortable and summery shoes, I have already found one! These lace-up pointed toes pair perfectly with this polka dot skirt and classic black sleeveless t-shirt. It is a wonderful summer outfit for girls who love to be out and about.

Knotted shirt cool ensemble

pointy shoes knotted shirt
If you want to look cool and chic, follow these steps. Knot your shirt, pair it with the uninhibited high waist jeans and add an interesting pointed toe cut.

Yellow sweater is for fall

pointy toe shoes yellow sweater
These pointy toes by Dior were so popular back then. All the street style stores like Zara, Mango and H&M tried to recreate them. You can wear them with the white denim skirt and the nice yellow knit sweater to copy this blogger’s look.

How to wear pointed heels

Animal print is for professionals

pointed toe shoes snakeskin
How do you feel wearing snakeskin shoes? Maybe it’s a tough decision, but check out this outfit combo. It’s just very simple and chic. It’s great for more sophisticated cocktail parties or for a drink at a chic downtown club. You should also consider these for your new workwear.

One word: Parisienne

pointed toe shoes Parisian
Admit that you’ve always wanted to look like a chic Parisian girl. If you assume the same for me, I would have to say – I am guilty! You are my big fashion inspiration. They love pointy shoes and wear different types of shoes. Check out this clean, super cool and chic outfit combo. Isn’t it great?

Buffers make us warm

pointed toe shoes buffer
Puffer jackets are a big trend this season. It looks super cool even when you pair your jacket with the pointed toe shoes! Together with the stirrup pants, these stilettos make a big statement. This outfit is eccentric and, most importantly, interesting.

Black turtleneck sweater for every day

pointy toe shoes black turtleneck sweater
This is one of those everlasting outfit combinations. Black turtleneck and high-waisted jeans teamed with the pointed toe shoes for a look you can wear non-stop. You will love it so much trust me.

Red pointed toe shoes

pointed toe shoes red
If you already have a pair of red pointed-toe shoes with a really big heel and you’re wondering how to combine them, here’s a suggestion!
Wear your red shoes with the long camel trench coat. It looks very contrasting and elegant.

How to wear pointy toe boots

Patent leather is IN!

pointed toe patent leather shoes
It’s very easy to pull off the look like this. Wear your patent leather mini skirt with the camel sweater and pointed toe ankle boots. You look like an off-duty model.

Read more about pointy ankle boot outfit ideas in this post.

Knit dress for your figure

pointy toe shoes knit dress
If you want to achieve a sexy look but not in a too provocative way, the knitted dress is the way to go. Wear your dark blue midi dress with the black ankle boots. It’s a perfect combination for working hours.

Wrapped dress is chic

pointed toe wrap dress
I’m a big fan of wrapped clothing. They highlight your figure and are also very comfortable. It’s easy to style them for both day and night events. Wear them with your pointed toe shoes for a super cool and casual look.

Double denim is on!

pointed toe shoes jeans
Double denim is a trend that all girls from the fashion world love. If you want to do it right, pair your denim shirt and jeans with a nice gray coat. Top it off with pointed toe shoes. It’s a perfect outfit for a daily walk.

If you want to see more ideas about double denim outfit combinations, click here.

Red over the knee boots are everywhere!

pointed toe high boots
When we talk about red boots, you must know that they are a big trend this season. When I say huge, I mean everyone wears them! So it’s the right time for you to try them too.
You can pick these amazing pointed thigh boots and wear them with buttoned tunic or midi skirt in the same red color.

Pointed shoes are a good piece of staple to wear. Try to choose the ones that are comfortable and modern at the same time. Be creative, mix them with your favorite dresses and you will always have a perfect outfit combo to wear.

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