How to wear knee high boots

How to wear knee high boots

Like many fashion lovers, I love surfing the internet, seeing beautiful clothes and reading other bloggers’ outfit ideas. I just want to have fun and improve my own game at the same time. However, I remember seeing a lot of over-the-knee boots and over-the-knee boots a few days ago when I googled “knee-high boots”. Then I said to myself I need to write about knee high boot outfit ideas where the boots show at least a little bit of the knee. So here I am with my list of knee high boot outfit ideas that I have compiled.

Black sweater dress with long wool coat and brown knee high boots


Here is a nice outfit idea with brown boots and an all black outfit. Simply wear a black knitted sweater dress with a long black wool coat. Complete the outfit with a pair of brown suede knee high boots. If you want to add a touch of beauty, you can also wear a white or gray knit hat.

Wear yours with a hoodie dress and denim jacket

Hoodie dress denim jacket knee high boots

After seeing this outfit, you might have noticed that there is a common theme going on here. That’s correct. A shirt dress, sweater dress, or something with similar cuts goes perfectly with knee-high boots. It could be because of the understated sexuality created by showing off the thighs that make the outfits look so gorgeous. As another good example of such a trick, this outfit consists of a gray hoodie, a gray denim jacket and brown leather knee high boots.

Brown suede knee high boots with matching leather skirt

brown suede knee high boots leather skirt cardigan

Using a clever little trick, this outfit pairs a leather skirt with suede knee high boots of a very similar color. The outfit also consists of a white t-shirt and a gray long cardigan. I love the youthful energy that comes with this outfit.

Wear it with a light gray trench coat and a black shift dress

Trench coat black mini skirt knee high boots

A very popular way to style a black sheath dress for winter is to wear it with a long gray trench coat that is just slightly longer than the sheath dress. This trick lengthens the legs. To make your legs look thinner, you can now wear black knee high boots.

Wear it with a gray trench coat and skinny jeans

Skinny jeans gray trench coat knee high boots

While I would argue that the best way to wear knee high boots is to pair them with a shirt dress or a sweater dress, wearing knee high boots with jeans can also look amazing. For example, you can simply wear the boots with a white crew-neck sweater, a long gray trench coat and skinny jeans.

Wear it with a knit sweater dress with a cowl neck

Knitted sweater dress with cowl neck and knee high boots

For a chic and understated sexy look, we recommend this outfit, perfect for fall and winter. Simply wear a beige cowl neck knit sweater dress and black knee high boots. It’s such a minimalist outfit that looks stunning.

White airy dress & black bomber jacket

white airy dress black knee high boots

It’s so easy to combine a breezy dress for a summer outfit, but what about when the weather turns colder? Unsurprisingly, a breezy dress goes well with knee-high boots. For example, wear a white airy dress with a dark green bomber jacket. Complete your outfit with black suede knee high boots. For more outfit ideas for similar dresses, check out our blog post on wearing a breezy dress.

Black knee high boots with a long green wool coat

black knee high boots long green trench coat

This outfit shows an outfit idea of ​​very high complexity. Look at the number of layers, colors and textures involved. It’s amazing how these pieces are still smoothly glued together. The outfit consists of a red knit sweater with a high neckline, a black and red mini skirt with polka dots, a green long wool coat and the black knee-high boots.

Wear it with a black faux fur vest and black mini skirt

black faux fur vest knee high boots

For a unique and creative street look, you can wear a gray sweater with a black faux fur vest over it. Combine these pieces with a black mini skirt and knee high boots.

Black sheath dress with a long trench coat

black sheath dress long blazer knee high boots

Here’s a sexy all black outfit that really doesn’t require you to show a lot of skin. This is part of the magic in the knee-high boots, by the way. Simply wear a black shirt dress with a long trench coat and knee high boots. It’s amazing how three simple pieces like this can create intense chemistry that just needs the attention of others.

Knee high leather boots with a white wool coat

brown leather knee high boots wool coat outfit

Wear this long white wool coat for a lighter hue. Instead of wearing black boots, you can pair black skinny pants with brown knee high boots.

Gray wool coat and matching sweater dress

Gray wool coat knee high boots

I always think that combining gray and black can make for some of the best outfits and that doesn’t disappoint one bit. As a chic and absolutely beautiful outfit, it consists of a gray knit sweater dress and a color-coordinated wool coat. The black suede knee high boots just glue the pieces together perfectly.

Black boots with blazer and plaid mini skirt

black boot blazer plaid mini skirt

Here’s another chic outfit that makes good use of multiple layers. Wear a white knit sweater with a plaid tweed mini skirt. Wear a long black blazer over the pieces. Wear stockings and black knee high boots to complete the look. If you look closely, one of the main reasons this outfit looks so beautiful is the perfect, body-hugging cut of all the pieces.

Wear yours with a white knit sweater and skinny jeans

knee high boots skinny jeans

For a very causal street look, simply wear a white knit sweater and skinny jeans with black knee high boots.

Knee high camel boots with wool skirt and black leather jacket

Camel knee high boots wool skirt black leather jacket

If you like leather on leather outfit ideas, here is one that might interest you. Wear a sweater and a knee-length wool skirt. A leather combination of a black leather jacket and knee high leather boots is the perfect complement to this outfit.

Here is the list of knee high boot outfit ideas that I want to share with you. If you are looking for more boot outfit ideas, you can also read our blog post about over the knee boot outfit ideas.

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