How to wear ballet flats

How to wear ballet flats

This blog post is about how to wear the ballet flats with your outfits. Before I go any further, I have to admit that I’m one of those people who most of the time just wear the white sneakers when I’m dressing casual because you just can’t go wrong. Despite that, I rank ballerinas as the second most important shoes that go with almost every casual outfit. I have compiled a list of beautiful ballet flat outfit ideas with different styles. Let’s look at them now.

Wear it with a denim shirt and navy leggings

light pink ballerinas denim shirt navy leggings

The light pink or nude ballet flats are the color that goes very well with dresses of almost any color. For example, you can simply wear a denim shirt and dark blue leggings with the pale pink ballet flats. Wear a light green scarf to add some fun to your outfit.

Wear it with a blue knee length dress and a denim jacket

Ballet slippers blue knee length dress

As another sharp looking casual looking dress, you can wear knee length royal blue dress with denim jacket. Pair the pieces with nude ballet flats. For outfit ideas for a similar use of color, see our other blog post on wearing royal blue.

Blue ballet flats with black sleeveless maxi dress

blue ballet flats sleeveless maxi dress

This outfit is a great example of how to pair a black dress with shoes or accessories of a more unique color to balance out the darkness. For a chic and minimal outfit, simply wear a black sleeveless maxi dress with a nice pair of blue ballet flats.

Wear it with a pink dress and a grass hat

pink dress felt hat

The ballerinas not only look good with casual street outfits like the ones mentioned, but also with the refreshing spring outfits that you usually wear when travelling. Simply wear a pink mini dress with a grass hat to complete this refreshing tourist outfit.

White sweater jacket & jeans

black ballet shoes white sweater jacket jeans

Here is a good outfit idea to help you visualize how wearing the white sneakers and ballet flats can look very different while the rest of the outfit stays the same. For example, if you imagine this outfit with jeans and a white sweater jacket worn with white sneakers, you can imagine how casual, demure and stylish you can look. On the other hand, you will look more chic and mature when the outfit is paired with the ballet flats.

White cold shoulder blouse with pencil skirt

white pencil skirt with cold shoulder blouse

Indeed, ballet flats go very well with simple and chic outfits. In this outfit as an example, the black ballet flats are combined with a white blouse with cold sleeves and a mini skirt with a black and gray pattern. These three simple pieces really make a gorgeous outfit that’s perfect for a minimalist.

White knit sweater with cuffed jeans

white knit sweater cuffed jeans pink ballet flats

For an ultra-casual outfit that you might want to wear for grocery shopping and casual gatherings, consider pairing a white knit sweater with cuffed jeans and pale ballet flats. This is one of those outfits that looks very natural with a backpack.

White sleeveless polka dot blouse and skinny jeans

white sleeveless ballet flats with polka dot blouse

For a slim fitting outfit that works best for those of you with a small waist, consider pairing a white sleeveless polka top blouse with skinny jeans. Simply combine the pieces with a black ballerina to complete this elegant and beautiful look.

White chiffon top, black leather jacket and jeans

black ballet flats black leather jacket

Wear a white chiffon top with a black leather jacket and skinny jeans for a more stylish outfit. Match perfectly with your leather jacket by wearing the black ballet flats.

Wear a skirt and a knit sweater

pleaded skirt long sleeve sweater

An interesting trick to using color is to match the color of the shoes and skirt. For example, you can wear a pale midi skirt with ballet flats of the exact color. For the top, you can wear a gray or green knit sweater. This two tone combo really makes the outfit so warm and comfortable.

Longline Brown leather jacket

Longline brown leather jacket black ballet flats

Wear a long brown leather jacket over a gray cardigan for an edgy look. Wear black leather pants and black ballet flats for the floor. In a few other blog posts, I’ve talked about how to dress formally for work. On the other hand, this particular outfit is a great example of how to dress with a casual outfit.

Wear yours with a white blazer and cuffed jeans

white ballet flats with blazer cuffs

This is a good causal outfit idea that includes the white blazer and cuffed jeans. What sets the outfit apart is the shocking pink ballet flats.

Striped vest top and polka dot mini skirt

striped vest top polka dot skirt ballet flats

For a summer look with a touch of artistic flair, wear a black and white striped vest top with a black polka dot mini skirt. Instead of pairing with white sneakers and looking sportier, wear black ballet flats for a chic and artistic look.

Red oversized shirt with black shift dress

red oversized shirt black sheath dress ballet shoes

I want to share here an outfit idea that includes the color red. I agree that not everyone looks good in red for some reason, but for those of you who do, there’s no reason not to try and look gorgeous with the bright color. As a red outfit idea, you can simply wear a black shift dress and throw a red oversized shirt jacket over it. Pair them with red ballet flats to complete the outfit.

White blouse with transparent sleeves and black mini dress


Black ballet flats look very good in combination with black and white outfits. For example, you can combine them with a white blouse with transparent sleeves and a black mini dress.

For those of you like me who just pair a casual outfit with white sneakers, hopefully the outfit ideas would make you try something different, especially the ballet flats. If you are interested in this blog post, read our other blog post about all kinds of outfit ideas.

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