How to wear an embroidered skirt

How to wear an embroidered skirt

Sometimes it’s the little details that can take your outfit to another level. A perfect example of this is the embroidered skirt. There are denim skirts and leather skirts that have a small embroidered element. These skirts are very easy to style as you can easily style them as typical denim skirts and leather skirts. However, there are some embroidered skirts that are embroidered all over the skirt. These might require some thought to style properly. In this post, I will explore with you some of the best ways to wear different styles of embroidered skirts. Now let’s look at the list of outfit ideas.

White blouse with high waisted embroidered mini skirt


No matter what your embroidered skirt looks like, one way to style it that almost always looks good is to wear it with a white shirt. For example, wear a white shirt with a high-waisted embroidered mini skirt. Pair them with black ankle boots for a more feminine look.

Embroidered skirt with black t-shirt

embroidered skirt black t-shirt

If your embroidered skirt has a black background color, you can simply wear it with a black t-shirt and black heels for a casual yet unique look.

Off-the-shoulder blouse with a black skirt

strapless blouse black skirt

Here is a boho style outfit that is just gorgeous and sexy. Wear an off the shoulder white tunic blouse with a black high waisted embroidered mini skirt. Add an elegant touch by wearing black and nude platform sandals. These three simple parts just fit together perfectly. I highly recommend you to try this amazing outfit especially if you have nice shoulders and collarbones.

Floral skirt with crepe wool coat and knit sweater

Crepe wool knit jumper outfit

Here’s a more complex outfit suitable for the cold weather. Wear a light blue knit sweater with a black embroidered floral skirt. Wear stockings and white leather heels. To keep you warm and create a classy look, you can wear a crepe wool coat.

Wear it with a black leather jacket and a knitted hat

black leather jacket knit hat

This outfit is a winter outfit that makes you look agile and slim. It can make you stand out when everyone else is wearing a bulky outfit. A black sweater and a black leather jacket are a great pairing to have in your current wardrobe. For bottom wear a black embroidered skirt, leggings and suede ankle boots. Simply wear a black knit beanie to add extra beauty to the outfit.

Black embroidered mini skirt with long trench coat

black embroidered mini skirt, trench coat, felt hat

Many embroidered skirts have boho patterns. You can create a very stylish outfit out of it if you put the right pieces together. For example, you can wear the black boho embroidered skirt with a black sweater, green long trench coat, stockings and leather ankle boots. That would have been a great looking outfit. To add an artistic touch, you can also wear a black fedora to complete the outfit. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas for similar hats, you should read our blog post about styling a black felt hat.

Wear it with a black sweater and a floppy hat

black sweater floppy hat embroidered skirt

This outfit also includes a hat, but this time it’s a black floppy hat. This stylish all black outfit features a black sweater, embroidered mini skirt, open toe heels and black floppy hat.

Knitted Jumper & High Waisted Embroidered Skirt

Knit sweater, high waisted embroidered skirt

If you look closely, I picked up this outfit idea a little earlier, but with a wool coat. I included it here just to show you how a jacket can transform your outfit so much. Without a coat, this outfit, which consists of a knitted sweater, high-waisted embroidered skirt, stockings and white boots, looks very refreshing.

Embroidered denim skirt with white t-shirt and sneakers

embroidered denim skirt white t-shirt sneakers

This is one of those denim skirts with a little embroidery detail. You can wear it like a typical denim skirt in summer. Just wear it with a white t-shirt and white sneakers for a casual street look.

Wear it with an embroidered button down shirt

blue embroidered shirt with buttons

If you want to wear an embroidered denim skirt in a more elegant way, here is an outfit idea that is quite creative. Combine the embroidered skirt with an embroidered blue button down shirt. Wear nude heels to complete the outfit. It is very interesting to see that an embroidered top and bottom combination actually looks beautiful and completely natural.

White polo shirt & denim skirt

white polo shirt denim skirt

You can combine an embroidered denim skirt not only with a shirt with buttons or a shirt, but also with a polo shirt. For example, combine the denim skirt with a white, figure-hugging polo shirt and bare, open toe heels for an elegant, casual look.

Embroidered leather skirt with black long wool coat

embroidered leather skirt black long wool coat

After we talked about some denim skirt outfit ideas, it’s time to talk about another popular and versatile product, the leather skirt. This is a chic all black outfit with a black leather embroidered pencil skirt. Wear it with a black sweater and a black long wool coat. The perfect shoes for the outfit would be the black suede thigh high boots.

Black pencil skirt with light yellow blouse

black pencil skirt light yellow blouse

To style a black floral skirt in an elegant and natural way, you can wear it with a light yellow button down blouse and white heels.

Wear it with a black long vest and floppy hat

black floppy hat outfit with long vest

An interesting way to add extra depth to an all-black outfit is to wear a black longline vest. For example, wear a black tank top and black embroidered skirt with black sandals and a floppy hat. Wear the long vest over the tank top for a unique and stylish look.

Crepe knit sweater with embroidered midi skirt

Crepe knit sweater embroidered midi skirt

To look more refreshing, especially in spring, you can wear something with a softer shade. For example, wear a crepe knit sweater with a camel embroidered midi skirt. Combine the pieces with white sneakers for a casual street look.

I hope you enjoy the list of embroidered skirt outfit ideas I just shared with you. They’re not that hard to pull off. Let’s go ahead and try.

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