How to wear a white tube dress

How to wear a white tube dress

If you are looking for a beautiful dress that allows you to look sheer and sexy without showing too much skin, then the white tube dress is for you. It’s one of those dresses that looks best when it’s part of a simple outfit. That means no jackets and no accessories, with the possible exception of a necklace. Basically, you can look great by choosing the right white tube dress for your body type and the right shoes to pair with it. To make it even easier for you, I have compiled a list of the best looking white skinny dress outfits for you. Let’s look at them now.

White tube mini dress with silver open toe heel


To start the list I show you this white skinny mini dress with the classic and timeless simple cut and design. If you’re wearing this to a cocktail party or prom, you can simply pair it with a silver open toe ankle strap and you’re good to go.

White tubeless midi dress with nude strappy sandals

White Tube Midi Dress Nude Strappy Heels

A big part of choosing the right white tube dress is finding a dress of the length that works best for you. For example, for those of you who have thicker thighs, a midi dress is often a better idea than a mini dress. To style a white tube midi dress, you can simply wear it with nude strappy open toe heels.

Tube Gathered Waist maxi dress with a semi-sheer chiffon overlay

Maxi dress with a tube belt and semi-transparent chiffon overlay

The final “Tube Dress” is a bit vague indeed. I define it as a strapless dress with a flat neckline. To me, this beautiful ruched waist maxi dress is a tube dress. It has the elegant semi-sheer chiffon overlay that extends the mini dress into a maxi dress. It is very interesting that this elegant dress, which is perfect for wedding photos, is combined with gray suede boots. The result is surprisingly good.

White midi dress with black heels

white midi dress black heels

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to wear a white skinny dress is to build a minimal outfit around it. This black and white outfit consisting of the white midi dress and black heels is the ultimate minimal outfit. It couldn’t be easier and you can see the result is an iconic outfit.

Two tone dress with white belt and high low dress

high toned dress with two toned white belts

Here is another dress that you can wear for wedding photos. It is a two-tone dress with a high waist and belt, with the upper part being made of cotton and the lower part being made of chiffon and lace. Combine the dress with nude heeled sandals for a beautiful and feminine look.

White tube bodycon maxi dress with black open toe heel

White tube maxi bodycon dress, black open toe heels

Although a tube dress usually comes in the form of a mini or midi dress, a fitted white tube maxi dress can also look very beautiful and elegant. You can simply wear it with black open toe heels or silver open toe heels to complete a minimalist outfit that is perfect for prom and cocktail parties.

White tube dress with gold necklace

white tubular dress gold choker necklace

Now let’s throw some subtle accessories into the mix and see how it looks. For example, wear a white tube mini dress with a gold choker necklace and white heels for a bolder look. Although I’m a big fan of minimal outfits, I think outfits with such accessories can look great on many people. It really depends on what suits your character and preferences.

White strapless dress with high top and low top

Strapless high low lace dress with white ruffles

Here is an amazing and dreamy white ruffle tube dress perfect for wedding photos. With its lace detailing and elegant high silhouette, the dress is simply gorgeous. You can easily pair it with white open toe heels to complete an all white outfit.

Black and white peplum tube dress

black and white peplum tube dress

For those of you who want to look a little more unique and edgy, this outfit is for you. Wear the bodycon dress in white cane peplum with black horizontal stripes. Complete your outfit in a very creative way with black heels and a black studded choker.

Two piece bodycon dress in white tube

two piece bodycon dress in white tube

If a typical white tube dress isn’t sexy enough for you, you can try this two piece white tube dress where the top part is a cropped tube top and the bottom part is a fitted skirt. To make it even more stylish, you can wear a white choker that goes perfectly with the dress. Wear a silver ankle strap with open toe heels for an elegant touch.

Halter Tube Dress

Halter Tube Dress

This dress has a very unique and creative design. It looks like a typical white lace pipe dress from the front. But if you look at the dress from the back, it is actually a halter dress. Complement your outfit with white sandals to keep your outfit light and breezy.

High split midi dress with black collar

High split midi dress black choker

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s versatile enough to look great at both a cocktail party and a formal event, this outfit is a great choice. Wear a white high split midi dress with silver ankle straps and open toe heels. Pair them with a black chocker for a stylish touch.

White halterneck tube dress

white halterneck ruffle tube dress

If you are looking for a breezy short dress for your wedding photo shoot, this white halterneck tube dress can be worn. Pair it with boho style nude sandals and you would look perfect for a beach photoshoot.

White floral pattern tube dress

White Floral Print Tube Dress

I would call this dress a white floral 3D tube dress. The flowers are white but you can still see them very clearly. Pair the dress with silver open toe heels for a glam look.

Gray and white checked tube wrap dress

gray and white checked tube wrap dress

If you want something other than a plain white tube dress, this gray and white plaid wrap dress might be of interest to you. A chic way to wear it would be to pair it with gray suede over the knee boots.

I hope you enjoy these white tube dress outfit ideas I just shared. I often think that the white tube dress can hold you back at a cocktail party. It’s just an item that’s easily underestimated at this moment.

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