How to wear a pink mini skirt

How to wear a pink mini skirt

Just when I was thinking that there are only so many outfits that you can build around a mini skirt, I suddenly realize I was way too focused on the black mini skirt and I really forgot one great looking item, the pink one miniskirt . There are so many ways to look good with it. To help you with that, I have compiled a list of the best looking pink mini skirt outfits. Now let me share it with you.

Black off shoulder knit sweater with pink leather mini skirt


The pink mini skirt looks so feminine and beautiful on its own. One of the best ways to style it is to create a feminine and slightly sexy look. For example, you can wear an off-the-shoulder black knit sweater with a pink leather mini skirt. Complete your outfit with white open heels for a classy finish.

White strapless top with denim skater skirt with pink buttons

white strapless denim skirt with button closure

Similar to the previous outfit, this top is also strapless. This time it’s a off the shoulder white top. Pair it with a pink buttoned denim skater mini skirt and a white ankle strap with open toe heels for a sleek and demure sexy look.

White criss cross crop top with pink lace up mini skirt

white criss cross front crop top pink lace up mini skirt

If you like a little edginess in your outfit, this outfit is especially for you. Wear a cream white long sleeve cross crop top and a pale pink lace up mini skirt to create a gorgeous look with so many stylish details. Complete the outfit with light pink leather boots to make the outfit look even more stylish.

Black mesh top with pink leather mini skirt

black pink leather mesh top mini skirt

For those who are looking for a sexy outfit that will easily attract attention at a cocktail party, you can choose either a deep V-neck cocktail dress or this extremely sexy outfit. I must first warn you that this outfit is very difficult to pull off and may be too sexy for some people to wear to a cocktail party. However, if you are up for a challenge, you can achieve this amazing look by wearing a black mesh top over a black bralette. A pink leather mini skirt and open heels with silver ankle straps are the perfect complement to this outfit.

Shocking pink mini skirt with black blazer

shocking pink mini skirt black blazer

There are many different types of pink. For the most part, blush pink and pale pink are the easiest to wear and style, as you’ve seen in all of those previous examples. However, this outfit shows that the pink or even the shocking pink can be considered a crazy eye-catcher. You can pair it with a black crop top, black blazer and black and white striped heels to complete this stunning outfit.

Pink pleated tennis skirt with short denim jacket

pink pleated tennis skirt short denim jacket

This outfit shows a very cool trick to make you look taller. The trick is to wear a high waisted skirt with a cropped jacket to visually push your waist up. For example, wear a white vest top with a cropped denim jacket for the top. Pair them with a high waisted pink mini tennis skirt to look tall and slim. Wear black combat boots to add a classy touch to the overall look.

White halterneck knit top with light pink pleated mini skirt

white halterneck knit top light pink pleated miniskirt

For an absolutely beautiful ladylike look, you can wear a white halterneck knit top and a mini pink pleated smock dress. To keep this adorable sentiment constant, complete your outfit with white sandals and a small dashing pink handbag. The white and pink color combination used in this outfit is just so attractive. It kind of makes you look like a beautiful tennis star.

Chambray shirt with a high waisted pleated pink skirt

Chambray shirt high waisted pink pleated skirt

For a chic casual look, you can wear a chambray shirt with a pink pleated mini dress and white heels. The chambray shirt is a very special item. Imagine replacing the shirt with a plain light blue shirt. Suddenly the outfit would look awkward.

White vest top with pink skirt and pink heels

white vest top pink skirt heels

Here is another pink and white outfit that looks so simple and beautiful. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a white vest top with a high-waisted pink leather skirt. Complete your outfit with pink heeled sandals and a pink clutch bag. Not only does the combination of pink and white create a ladylike feel, the leather element in the outfit also gives the outfit a classy and rough touch that makes it look so beautiful and deep.

White vest top with pink lace mini skirt

white vest top pink lace mini skirt

It’s a little rare to see this kind of shocking pink lace pin skirt. To style something this eye-catching, make it a part of a minimal outfit. For example, wear it with a white vest top and light pink heels for a super easy outfit.

Pink and white plaid two piece set

two piece set of pink and white plaid

Now if you’re a little bored of solid pink mini skirts, let’s check out this beautiful pink and white plaid skirt. It’s the bottom of a two-piece set, while the top is a pink and white plaid short-sleeved top that matches the skirt perfectly. Simply wear the set with white heels to complete this beautiful look.

Wear it with a pink cardigan

pink cardigan outfit

Here is another pink two piece set. It consists of a pink wool jacket and a pink mini skirt. Pair them with a white top and pink pointed heels to complete a ladylike and passionate work outfit.

White print t-shirt with pink skater mini skirt

white print t-shirt pink skater mini skirt

Just when I think there can be only a few styles of pink mini skirts, I still see a beautiful one that looks different. It’s a pink skater mini skirt with a button placket. Just pair it with a white print t-shirt and black ankle boots for a chic and relaxed look.

Mini skirt with pink ruffles and strapless bodice

pink ruffle mini skirt from the shoulder up

This is a two piece set perfect for beach parties. It consists of a strapless pink and a matching ruffled mini skirt. Wear them simply with white open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Pink bodycon mini skirt with black knit sweater

pink bodycon mini skirt black knit sweater

This is a work outfit so beautiful I would even call it a school girl look. To achieve this look, wear a shirt with a white collar and let the collar peek out from the black knit sweater that falls over the shirt. For the floor, wear a pink mini dress with black sandals to look absolutely adorable.

Here are the pink mini skirt outfit ideas that I really like and would like to share with you. It’s amazing how beautiful and yet how overrated the pink mini skirts are. Before everyone discovers this little secret, you should definitely try the mentioned outfits to make you look gorgeous.

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