How to wear a mock neck sweater

How to wear a mock neck sweater

In another blog post I previously wrote about the mock neck dress, I explained how the mock neck is something in between the crew neck and the turtleneck. It can also be considered a no-turn turtleneck sweater. Anyway, today I am going to talk about the Mock Neck Sweater and how to style it to create a beautiful look. To make it easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best looking mock neck sweater outfits and compiled them into one list. I will now share the list with you.

Black mock neck sweater with crepe suede skirt


First I show you a very feminine outfit that you can easily take off. Simply pair a black mock-neck knit sweater with a crepe suede zip-front skater skirt. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of black suede ankle boots to add a sophisticated touch to the outfit.

Green, coarsely knitted sweater with a mock neck and skinny jeans

Green chunky mock neck knit jumper skinny jeans

To dress more stylishly, you can choose a green chunky knit sweater. Tuck it into your blue-washed skinny jeans. Be sure to wear a brown leather belt to add style and roughness to the outfit. Simply combine the pieces for the shoes with white sneakers to keep the outfit casual.

White mock neck sweater with black trousers

white mock neck sweater black pants

Here is a unique and artistic black and white outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a white chunky turtleneck sweater and black relaxed fit pants. Wear them with black leather Chelsea boots to complete the look. Adding a black leather clutch to the outfit will make you look smarter and more professional.

Gray knit sweater with faux neckline and black floppy hat

gray knit sweater with faux neckline, black floppy hat

For a casual and unique outfit, you can wear a long oversized gray knit turtleneck sweater with black skinny jeans. For the shoes, black suede ankle boots can add an elegant touch to the outfit. Finally, wear a black floppy hat to turn this outfit into an artistic and stylish outfit.

White fuzzy mock neck sweater with boyfriend jeans

White Fuzzy Mock Neck Sweater Boyfriend Jeans

To look both adorable and stylish, here’s a simple outfit that can do just that. Wear a white fuzzy mock neck sweater with boyfriend jeans. Combine them with black ballet flats to make the outfit look prettier.

Black mock neck sweater with pink suede mini skirt

black mock neck sweater pink suede mini skirt

A good trick to wear a mock neck sweater in a beautiful way is to wear a chunky mock neck sweater to make your upper body as chunky as possible and pair it with a mini skirt to do that Your legs look long and slender. As an example of such an outfit, you can combine a black chunky sweater with a pink suede mini skirt. For the shoes, you can wear either black ankle boots or black heels with an open toe strap.

Gray sweater with mock neck and checked wool jacket

gray wool jacket with checked wool sweater

Pair a gray cable high-neck sweater with a check cardigan for a stylish look. Pair them with light blue straight leg jeans and black ankle strap heels to complete your outfit in style. To look even more chic, you can drape the wool plaid jacket over your shoulders instead of actually wearing it.

Dark blue knit sweater with mom jeans

Navy Chunky Knit Jumper Mama Jeans

This is a gorgeous and casual outfit that is easy to pull off regardless of your body type. You can simply wear a navy blue knit sweater with mom jeans to look adorable. Combine the pieces with black ballet flats or black suede boots.

Red mock neck sweater with chambray shirt

Red Mock Neck Sweater Chambray Shirt

For a super colorful layered outfit, you can wear a chambray shirt with a red mock neck sweater for the top. Let the collar and sleeve ends of the shirt peek out from the sweater to create the stylish layers. Combine the pieces very creatively with orange skinny jeans and black heels to complete the outfit in a playful and colorful way.

White knit sweater with a mini skirt and a button placket

white knitted sweater button button navy mini skirt

Here’s a chic outfit that’s easy to pull off. Simply wear a white knit sweater with a stand-up collar and a mini skirt with a dark blue button placket. Wear camel suede knee high boots to add a feminine and stylish touch to the outfit. An ivory leather wallet would make this outfit even classier.

Black sweater with mom jeans

black sweater mom jeans outfit

Sometimes you can dress chunky on purpose. You’d have to go all the way to let people know you’re doing it on purpose. Otherwise the outfit would fail. One way to do this is by wearing a black chunky turtleneck sweater and tucking it into mom jeans. Pair them with all-white sneakers to complete the look.

Black mock neck sweater with gray tweed pencil skirt

black mock neck sweater gray tweed pencil skirt

If you’re tired of wearing suits all the time, here’s a more feminine outfit that still looks very professional. To achieve the look, you can wear a high neck black knit sweater. Tuck it into a gray tweed pencil skirt. Pair them with open toe heels with black ankle straps and a black handbag to look beautiful and professional at the same time.

Green knitted sweater with mock neck and silk choker scarf

Green silk collar chunky knit sweater

Here is an eye-catching and stylish outfit that can really make you stand out. Wear a high neck light green knit sweater, black skinny jeans and black open toe heels. Complete the outfit with a silk choker scarf for an extra feminine and stylish touch.

Lemon yellow knit sweater with stand-up collar

Lemon yellow knit sweater with stand-up collar

To look super colorful and cheerful, you can wear this lemon yellow bodycon sweater. Pair it with black and white striped trousers. Wear green suede flats to complete this beautiful outfit with a crazy color combination.

I hope you enjoy the Mock Neck Sweater Outfit Ideas I just shared with you. As you can see, all the outfits mentioned are very easy to take off. Check them out to expand your outfit game.

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