How to wear a flannel shirt

How to wear a flannel shirt

The flannel shirt is a prefect for causal outfits for fall and winter. Flannel shirts simply refer to shirts made from thicker fabric than cotton. Although they come in many different shapes, they usually come as plaid shirts. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to style the flannel shirt. Let’s look at them now.

Flannel plaid shirt with white t-shirt, black jeans and baseball cap

Flannel shirt white t-shirt black denim baseball cap

I’ll start the list with a stylish, casual look. There are days when we just can’t get enough sleep or really can’t tame our hair. In fact, these are the perfect days to try out a baseball cap outfit. Wear a white athletic tee and black skinny jeans with a plaid flannel shirt. Wear brown ankle boots with a white baseball cap to round off this outfit.

Hidden in the flannel shirt and skinny jeans

tucked into skinny jeans over a plaid flannel shirt

You can also wear the flannel shirt as part of a business outfit. First, try choosing a plaid flannel shirt with slightly darker colors. Then tuck the shirt into skinny jeans and wear black loafers with your outfit.

Wear yours with boyfriend jeans, a scarf and a hat

Boyfriend jeans scarf plaid shirt

For a casual fall outfit, you can wear a dark flannel shirt with cuffed boyfriend jeans and white sneakers. Wear a scarf and hat to complete the look.

Oversized plaid flannel shirt with white tee and skinny jeans

Flannel plaid shirt white t-shirt skinny jeans

For a cool and slightly boyish street look, you can simply wear an oversized flannel shirt over an oversized white t-shirt. Pair them with light blue skinny jeans and fleece ankle boots.

Flannel shirt dress with a cropped tee and denim shorts

Flannel shirt dress cropped t-shirt jean shorts

If you want to look unique and even a little edgy at times, pair a plaid flannel shirt dress with a black cropped t-shirt and black denim shorts. Not only does this outfit look great, it will wow your friends if you’re not used to dressing dark and edgy.

Tucked in flannel shirt with a pleading mini skirt

Flannel shirt pleaded for miniskirt

You can also wear the flannel shirt in a feminine and chic way. For example, choose a dark blue plaid shirt and tuck it into a gray high-waisted mini skirt. Pair the outfit with black stockings and heels. This is a beautiful and creative outfit that is perfect for casual gatherings or as a chic casual outfit.

Wear it with a white blouse, black leggings and a scarf

Flannel shirt white blouse black leggings

This outfit is a great demonstration of how layers can make you look amazing. Wear a plaid flannel shirt over a white blouse. Pair them with black leggings and black leather boots. Wear a tonal gray scarf and knit hat. Add that extra magical touch with a range of stylish bracelets.

Wear yours with a white printed tee and skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans White Printed T-Shirt Flannel Plaid Shirt

After talking about some outfit ideas for the red or black plaid shirt, let’s talk about the blue one. You can casually wear a blue plaid flannel shirt with a white printed t-shirt and light blue skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can wear the chukka boots or the ankle boots. By the way, for those of you who are into boots, check out our latest chukka boot outfit ideas.

Wear yours with a striped t-shirt, flared skirt and fedora

striped shirt flare rock felt hat flannel shirt

If you want to try something unique and cute, this outfit might be for you. Get a plaid shirt dress and wear it over a horizontal striped t-shirt and blue skirt. It is ideal when the shirt dress is just an inch or two longer than the skirt. Add a little artistic touch by wearing the black felt hat.

Blue flannel shirt with gray fleece skirt

blue flannel shirt knee length skirt

Here is a business casual outfit that is appropriate for work. Wear a blue flannel shirt with a gray fleece knee length skirt. Complete your outfit with black leggings and leather boots.

Tie the flannel shirt around the waist

Tie flannel shirt waist cropped sweater jeans

It’s unforgivable to complete this list of flannel shirt outfit ideas without mentioning one of the most popular ways of wearing it: tying around the waist. As an example, you can wear a cropped sweater with ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots. Then tie the flannel shirt around your waist to add some edge and character to your look.

Wear it with black knee high rain boots

black flannel plaid shirt hunter rain boots

As I mentioned in a previous blog post about rain roots, they are as beautiful as they are functional. For a casual outfit on a rainy day, simply wear a blue plaid flannel shirt with ripped skinny jeans and knee-high rain boots.

Black and white checked shirt with ripped skinny jeans

black and white checked shirt ripped skinny jeans

Different from the other outfits on the list, this flannel shirt uses smaller black and white checks. You can look stylish by wearing it with ripped black skinny jeans and black heels.

Wear it with a brown leather jacket and knee high boots

brown leather jacket flannel shirt

I know that the black leather jacket is so popular that I include it in almost all of my blog posts on outfit ideas. But I will go for the unique looking brown leather jacket to match the flannel shirt. Complete the outfit with skinny jeans and knee-high fleece boots.

Black and red plaid flannel shirt dress


For a classic winter street look, wear a black and red plaid flannel shirt over a white tee and cuffed skinny jeans. Pair them with black ankle boots and a black knitted hat.

Here are some of my favorite flannel shirt outfit ideas. I’m a huge fan of flannel shirts myself, mostly because it’s so easy to take off and goes well with the casual dressing style I love for friends meeting. I hope you find some of these outfit ideas useful and please check out our thousands of other outfit ideas on this site.

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