How to wear a faux fur scarf

How to wear a faux fur scarf

If you want to add something to your outfits to give them a luxurious touch, what would that be? I can tell you now – faux fur scarf. Don’t think of this as an expensive item or something you will only wear on special occasions. You can wear this accessory every day in winter with most casual staples.

It is a warm accessory that will make you very comfortable. At the same time, it gives your outfits a sophisticated and glamorous look that every girl wants to achieve from time to time. In this post, I have rounded up some of the best outfit ideas for wearing faux fur scarves. Let’s see how to style them.

peplum classic

Faux fur scarf peplum classic
The peplum blouse paired with slim black trousers and beige faux fur scarf looks absolutely classy and fabulous. It’s a fashionable combination that can be worn for so many occasions.
This look is also very suitable for petite girls. Opt for a peplum blouse as it will visually make you look taller. When it comes to shoes, go for the cut out style of black stilettos. It’s modern and very beautiful.

Shades of navy blue and emerald green

Faux Fur Scarf Navy Blue Green
Did you know these two colors go so well together? Personally I haven’t, and now I can’t wait to bring them together!
This classy navy blue has a baggy cut that also makes it modern. With faux fur scarf this combo gets a brand new luxe look. However, it is appropriate to wear this combination every day. You should also think of this as workwear.

Green and brown trench coat

Trench coat with faux fur scarf
When the weather isn’t here or there and you’re still wearing your trench coat, adding a furry accessory is a good idea. It makes you warm and gives you a sophisticated look that you need.
Combine your stilettos with a nice green scarf and you’re good to go!

Denim on denim

Faux fur scarf denim on denim
Even if you think that the faux fur scarf can only be worn with elegant staples, this blogger will show you how to wear it casually.
She dresses it up in matchy denim on denim outfit and just adds an embellished clutch.
If you are wondering which shoes to choose, let me give you some advice. You can even combine your sneakers with this look. Trust me.

Soft pink faux fur scarf

Faux fur scarf pastel
Gray and soft pink go perfectly together. You just have to be careful not to look like a candy corn stick.
Pastel colors are going to be huge this year so make sure you have a piece in beige, lilac, soft pink or blue. You can also wear this combo to work. Just swap out your ripped jeans for the classic ones. Pastel shoes are a must.

Casual for every day

Casual faux fur scarf
Feeling warm and stylish on cold winter days can be a real challenge. However, it is also very possible.
You can combine your leather jacket with skinny jeans, socks and sandals for a modern and warm look. But that’s not enough. Add a nice beige faux fur scarf and you can spend a whole day outdoors.

Colorful scarf

Faux fur scarf multicolored
Sometimes you can wear something really simple and basic – one of your favorite jeans and a black leather jacket. However, you know the saying that everything is in the details. I think that’s absolutely right.
This cheerful and cheerful scarf will make your combination bright and very interesting. Just add a pair of suede over the knee boots and you’re done!


Faux fur scarf ladylike
The situation is this: you must have an extraordinary, sophisticated and glamorous outfit for this party. how can you do that
I’m telling you – with a pink tulle skirt, a black top and a faux fur scarf around her neck! You will look totally ladylike while your outfit will scream glamour! With this combination, you can choose simple black stilettos or strappy sandals.

Polished and minimal

Faux fur scarf minimal
Minimal clothing style is still one of my favorites. Neutral colors with some important details are all you need. Wear your white wrap dress over one shoulder with a faux fur scarf. Don’t forget to put it on because it looks absolutely amazing!
When it comes to shoes, you can opt for modern patent leather ankle boots.

Shades of beige and brown

Faux fur scarf beige brown
You may be the lover of shades of gray or brown. I had some periods in my life where I only wore gray and black, while later I only wore beige and brown.
This girl shows us how to wear a fur scarf in a very chic way – with a skinny black belt. It looks very sophisticated and trendy. The beige pant suit is a good choice for working hours or business meetings.

Surprising teal

Teal faux fur scarf skirt
I know this outfit may come as a bit of a surprise, but we have to agree that it looks pretty chic.
The long teal skirt may not be your first choice when it comes to everyday outfits. However, paired with a brown knitted sweater, this skirt looks absolutely amazing!
Complement this combo with burgundy pointed toe ankle boots and add a tan fur scarf.

double fur

Faux fur scarf double
For a really cold day it would be good to dress properly. How about your favorite fur coat and scarf made from the same material?
Olivia Palermo is a fashionista who loves fur. So it’s not surprising that she wears it so often.

Burgundy faux fur scarf

Burgundy faux fur scarf
Colors can put you in a good mood on gray, cold winter days. You can achieve this with a burgundy faux fur scarf and a patterned coat.
Combine this beautiful outfit with leather boots and you are ready for a long walk on a winter day.

Shades of blue with camel

Faux fur scarf camel coat
This is the true example of how to wear this fur scarf with everyday staples. Trench coat, cropped jeans and white wrap shirt are trendy and chic staples that you’ll love to wear everyday (if you don’t already love them).

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas!

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