How to wear a crew neck sweater

How to wear a crew neck sweater

Today I’m going to talk about the crew neck sweater, mostly knit sweater to be exact. At first glance, one might think that compared to the turtleneck and mock neck sweater, the crew neck sweater is just a very ordinary sweater and there is nothing to discuss. If you dive deeper, you’ll find that there are many stylish and beautiful ways to style a crew neck sweater. The main goal of this blog post is to show you these amazing outfit ideas. Let me show you some of the best ideas I’ve just collected for you.

Gray and white crew neck sweater

gray and white color block crew neck sweater

For those of you who are a little bored with solid color sweaters, here is a gray and white crew neck knit sweater that can catch your attention. Choose a slightly oversized one and pair it with dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs. Complete the outfit with a pair of crepe suede ankle boots to add a classy touch to the outfit.

Green and black knit sweater with a round neckline

green and black knit sweater with a round neckline

Here is a very stylish and casual street outfit you can achieve with an oversized knit sweater. In this case it is a green and black striped crew neck sweater. Pair it with cropped boyfriend jeans and an all-white low-top converse for this totally cool look.

Navy blue crew neck sweater and white collar shirt

Dark blue sweater with a round neckline and a white collar

You can definitely wear a crew neck sweater as part of a work outfit. A great way to do this is to choose a crew neck knit sweater like this one in navy blue, pair it with a white button down shirt and let the collar peek out. For the floor, you can only wear dress pants and heels. Gray and black tweed shorts and light pink heels are chosen for this particular outfit.

Red sweater with a round neckline and a statement necklace

red necklace with a round neckline

Most often, a sweater outfit consists of an oversized or chunky sweater. However, this outfit makes you look slim and tall. You can do this by choosing a regular fit red crew neck sweater and tucking it into skinny jeans. Wear a pair of camel Chelsea boots for the shoes. Complete your outfit with a statement necklace that adds an elegant touch to the overall look.

Gray fitted knit sweater with blue button down shirt

gray knitted bodycon sweater blue button down shirt

Here is another business outfit that is a crew neck sweater. For this professional yet beautiful look, wear a gray knitted fitted jumper over a blue collar shirt. Wear a gray slim fit blazer with both pieces. In this way you have just created three stylish layers. Pair these pieces with black slim chinos and light pink pointed toe heels for a feminine touch.

Yellow-grey striped sweater with ripped skinny jeans

yellow and gray striped sweater ripped skinny jeans

For a fun and energetic street outfit, you can wear a yellow and gray striped sweater with blue ripped skinny jeans. Complement your outfit with a pair of brown suede loafers.

Neon pink oversized crew neck sweater and floral swing dress

Neon pink oversized crew neck sweater with floral print

This is such an eye-catching and feminine outfit. To achieve this charming look, you can wear a black floral swing dress. Wear a neon pink oversized knitted crew neck sweater over the dress for a shocking and classy layer. You can then complete the outfit in a simple and neat way with black pointed toe heels.

Pink knit sweater with black leather mini skirt

pink knit sweater black leather mini skirt

Here is another ladylike pink outfit. This time the pink is a little less shocking and aggressive and the result is even more adorable. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear the pink knitted crew neck sweater over a white collared shirt. Let the end of the shirt stick out to form a layered outfit. Pair these pieces with a black leather button down shirt and black pointed toe heels to show off your legs a bit.

Heather Gray crew neck knit sweater with white waistcoat

Gray mottled knit sweater with a round neckline, white waistcoat

For a cool and balanced look, you can simply wear a gray heather gray knit sweater. Wear a white vest over it. Simply wear black skinny jeans and black pointed toe heels for the butt to keep the outfit understated.

Black thick sweater with skinny jeans and boots

black chunky sweater skinny jeans boots

This is a black outfit that looks surprisingly refreshing and cheerful thanks to the brown shoes and handbag. To achieve this casual look, you can wear a black chunky crew-neck sweater and black skinny jeans. Pair them with brown suede boots and a brown leather handbag to complete this sleek black and brown look.

Teal crew neck sweater and light blue skinny jeans

teal crew neck sweater.  Light blue skinny jeans

To stand out from the crowd, you can use a unique and beautiful combination of colors, and that’s exactly what this outfit does. Wear a teal crew neck knit sweater for the top. Pair it with super light blue skinny jeans and a pink leather handbag. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sandals to complete this refreshing and beautiful outfit.

Three-quarter sleeve sweater with a black and white checked mini skirt

Three-quarter sleeve sweater, black and white checked mini skirt

Now let’s look at a work outfit that uses a skirt instead of pants. To pull off this professional and stylish outfit, you can wear a black crew-neck sweater and a black and white plaid mini skirt. Pair them with black pointed toe heels to complete the look.

Black ripped and oversized knit sweater with boyfriend jeans

black ripped oversized knit sweater boyfriend jeans

This is a stylish yet crazy outfit for the adventurous person. To achieve this, you can wear an oversized black knit crew neck sweater and blue ripped boyfriend jeans. Accessorize this outfit with white sneakers and a black choker.

Gray cropped crew neck sweater worn over a long t-shirt

gray cropped crew neck sweater over long t-shirt

One way to create a stylish, layered outfit is to wear a gray cropped knit sweater over a long gray t-shirt. Pair them with ripped light blue skinny jeans and camel suede ankle boots to look simple yet stylish.

Regular fit crew neck crepe sweater worn over a chambray shirt

Crew neck crepe sweater over chambray shirt

For a beautiful next-door look, wear a crepe crew-neck sweater over a button-down chambray shirt. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs and red sandals to look beautiful and attractive.

I hope you enjoy the above crew neck sweater outfit ideas. Did you discover some new ways to wear your crew neck sweater while reading the above content? If you do, and if you find this type of blog post useful, we have loads more of them for you to find on this site. Let’s take a look.

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