How to wear a black shirt dress

How to wear a black shirt dress

This is not the first blog post about black dresses that you can find on this site as we love black dresses very much. In this blog post, I am going to talk specifically about the black shirt dress. It can be worn either professionally or sexually. You really don’t have to do too much to style it. Adding a bit of detail here and there to your outfit is enough to make you look good. I have compiled some of the best ways to style the black shirt dress and I am going to share it with you.

Black waist shirt dress with black sandals


A shirt dress doesn’t have to be loose or baggy. It can be slim cut and make you look slim and chic. For example, wear a black tie waist shirt dress, black sandals and a black handbag for a minimal all-black sophisticated look.

Black oversized shirt dress with white sandals

black oversized shirt dress white sandals

If you’re wondering what a loose fitting shirt dress would look like, this outfit has the answer for you. They’re not really going to look clunky or sloppy. Instead, you look casual and airy. For an example of a casual black and white look, wear a black oversized shirt dress with white sandals and a white handbag.

Tie a knee-length shirt dress

Tie a knee-length shirt dress

For this outfit, the shirt dress is the perfect length and cut to keep you looking professional, making it a good wardrobe staple for work. It is a knee length black shirt dress with a tie waist. You can easily pair it with black or light pink heels.

Wear it with a wide brown belt and a matching wallet

black shirt dress wide brown belt

This outfit is another great example of a work outfit. Wear the black shift dress with a wide brown belt. Combine the belt with a wallet of the same color. Wear black sandals to complete this casual ensemble.

Wear it with a white felt hat

white felt hat brown belt black shirt dress

If you want to add a little more touch to the previous outfit, here is an interesting variation. This version is a bit more feminine and artistic. First, you want to replace the sandals with nude heels. Then wear a white and black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the outfit.

Wear with black open toe heels

black shirt dress with open toe heels

Not wearing the belt can make a world of difference for the shirt dress. You can see that it looks more airy and casual now. You can amplify this feeling by pairing the dress with black open heels. It’s actually a little surprising to me how well a black briefcase goes with the outfit.

Black shirt dress with leather jacket

black shirt dress leather jacket ballet slippers

What jacket should I wear with a black shirt dress? Again, with this question, I would simply suggest two answers that are 90 percent correct: the denim jacket and the leather jacket. For this outfit, I’m going to talk about the latter. You can wear a black shirt dress with a black leather jacket and black loafers for a classy and sophisticated look.

Black and white striped midi shirt dress

black and white striped midi shirt dress

If you really like striped clothes, this outfit idea might be for you. Wear a black and white striped midi shirt dress with black pointy toe ankle boots for a totally stylish look. If you look closely, this shirt dress is actually a high-split dress that allows you to show off your legs a bit.

Wear with a skinny brown belt

black shirt dress narrow brown belt

I mentioned some outfit ideas that you wear a shirt dress with a wide belt. A thin brown belt is worn for this outfit instead. This subtle change can add a lot to the style. You can see that the outfit has a much softer tone now. You can simply wear the dress with black ballet flats.

Black shirt dress with denim jacket tied around waist

black shirt dress denim shirt tied around the waist

I already mentioned that a denim jacket goes well with a black shirt dress. But this outfit is a little different from what you might have expected. Instead of actually wearing the jean jacket, tie it around your waist and the black shirt dress for a more casual and casual look. The brown leather ankle boots go perfectly with the outfit.

Knee-length shirt dress with a tie and pointed ankle boots

Tie Knee Length Shirt Dress Pointed Toe Ankle Boots

To style a black velvet shirt dress, you can wear a wide black belt and a pair of black pointed toe leather ankle boots.

Wear it with black crew socks and oxford shoes

black shirt dress crew socks oxford shoes

You have seen a lot of outfit ideas consisting of the ankle boots. This one is a little more interesting as it uses the black crew socks and black oxford shoes with the black shirt dress. It’s just one of those tiny details that make you look more adorable.

Wear it with brown sandals for boho style

Boho sandals shirt dress

For those of you who love boho style, try this outfit that consists of a black shirt dress and brown boho sandals. Carry a wallet that matches the color of the sandals to make the outfit more complete and balanced.

Black lace shirt dress with strappy sandals

black lace shirt dress outfit

For a simple and casual holiday look, you can simply wear a black lace shirt dress with strappy sandals.

Black maxi high split shirt dress

Black Maxi High Split Shirt Dress

This is probably the most unique dress on the list. It’s a black maxi shift dress that you can basically wear as a high split dress. Pair this classy outfit with black suede boots.

I really enjoyed writing about these black shirt dress outfit ideas as I really love black dresses. I hope you enjoy reading it too and most importantly try some of the outfits to add more variety to your fashion game.

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