How to wear a black lace shirt

How to wear a black lace shirt

How you would style a white shirt is very different from how you would style a black shirt. That’s why I’ve split the lace shirt outfit ideas into two blog posts. Having previously talked about the feminine and refreshing white lace shirt, today I’m going to talk about the darker and deeper black lace shirt. It’s not that difficult to style. To make it even easier for you, I have rounded up some of the best black lace shirt outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

Black lace shirt with white skinny jeans


I will start the outfit with a little surprise for you. No, I’m not going to start with the super easy black outfit or a typical black and white outfit. I’m actually going to throw a bit of the cheetah element into the mix. To achieve this beautiful and unique outfit, you can wear a black lace shirt with white skinny jeans. Wear a pair of crepe and black checkered heels to match the pieces. For a magical touch, wear a cheetah clutch.

Black short-sleeved lace blouse with white button-down shirt

black half-sleeved white lace blouse shirt with buttons

For a unique layered outfit that you can definitely wear to the office, wear a white button down shirt and a black half sleeve blouse over the shirt and let the collar and ends of the shirt peek out. Wear them with black skinny pants and black pointed toe pumps to complete this semi-formal look.

Black blouse with bell sleeves and skinny jeans

Skinny jeans with a black bell sleeve blouse

Choose a black crochet lace shirt for a dark and cool look. Pair it with black skinny jeans and black ankle boots with ankle boots to look totally black. If that’s not dark enough, carry a black leather handbag and sunglasses to enter Extreme Dark mode.

Wear it with black skinny jeans and heels

black skinny jeans

For a more feminine and glamorous look, wear a black shirt with some cute and big floral lace details. Again, you can easily pair it with black skinny jeans to look slim and tall. For the shoes, I would highly recommend wearing a pair of black open toe ankle straps to add a sophisticated touch to the overall look.

White floral dress shirt and blue skinny jeans

white floral lace shirt blue ripped skinny jeans

This is an outfit that looks both stylish and beautiful. It’s the kind of casual outfit you can wear to meet friends or go shopping. For the top, wear a black shirt with lace buttons. Pair it with blue washed and ripped skinny jeans. Pair these pieces with light pink pointed toe heels and a pink leather handbag to look feminine and chic.

Black, low-sleeved lace shirt with a deep V-neckline and leather pants

Black leather trousers with a deep V-neck and half leather sleeves

If you’re going to a formal event cocktail party and you’re not really a dress person or it’s just your 10th party of the year and you want to wear something different, here’s a stylish and appropriate option for you. To achieve this classy look, you can wear a black deep V-neck shirt and black leather pants. Wear black open toe heels with ankle straps for a feminine touch. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our blog post on black ankle strap heels.

Black chiffon shirt with lace details

Black chiffon shirt lace details

For a ladylike and beautiful look, wear a black chiffon mini skirt to dress like the girl next door. Combine the skirt with a black chiffon shirt with feminine lace details. If you don’t know how to finish, pair black stockings with black suede heels for a glamorous all black outfit.

Black lace shirt with buttons and shorts

black lace shirt shorts with buttons

How about an outfit that includes a casual yet beautiful and stylish outfit that includes a mini shorts instead of pants and skirts? To achieve this look you can wear a slightly oversized black lace button down shirt and black chiffon mini shorts. Wear it with black ankle straps and open toe heels and a gold handbag to complete your outfit in style.

Semi-sheer lace shirt over black bra top and felt hat

semi-transparent lace shirt over a black felt bra hat

For an understated sexy look, you can choose a semi-sheer black lace shirt and wear it over a black bra top. To make the outfit look both stylish and sexy, you can pair the shirt with black leather pants and black suede boots. Wear a black fedora to add an artistic and unique touch to your outfit.

Black shirt with lace buttons and cheetah clutch pocket

black lace button cheetah cheetah clutch bag

For those of you who are looking for a feminine and beautiful semi-formal outfit to wear to the office, this outfit is something to consider. For the top, simply wear a black shirt with lace buttons. Pair them with black skinny jeans to look sleek and elegant. Wear a pair of black strappy sandals and a cheetah clutch to complete your outfit in a unique and elegant way.

Wear yours with black leather leggings and heeled ankle boots

black leather leggings ankle boots with heels

Here is an absolutely sexy outfit that looks very stylish at the same time. For the top, wear a mesh and black lace fishnet shirt. Pair it with black leather pants to add a stylish touch to the sexy look. You can easily combine the outfit with black leather boots. Or if you feel like it, you can wear a pair of black open toe pointy boots to look more feminine as shown in the picture above.

I hope you enjoy the black lace shirt outfit ideas I have shown you above. As you can see, replacing your typical black shirts with lace black shirts can make you look much more feminine and attractive. And you definitely don’t have to do that every day. Just do it every once in a while to look more unique and have fun.

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