How to wear a black cropped dress

How to wear a black cropped dress

For some people, dressing sexy means showing as much skin as possible. To me, the sexy outfit makes the show just enough to keep people guessing. Even better, clothing is a means of subtly showing just a little bit of skin: “Now you see it, now you don’t”. To achieve this look, wearing a black crop dress is a great choice. To show you how amazing such an outfit can look, I have rounded up some of the best black cut out outfit ideas and I am going to share them with you now.

Knee-length dress with a black sheath and cut-outs at the waist


To start the list, I show you a black knee length dress with a creative cut. It has multiple cut outs at the waist that make it almost look like a two piece dress. To style this sexy black dress, you can wear it with black heels for an amazing look that is suitable for cocktail parties and proms.

Black Waist Criss Cross Neck Dress

Criss cross neck dress with black waist and neckline

Sometimes, even when we strive to stay in shape, there are parts of the body that we can’t shape the way we want. The only exception may be the waist. I still haven’t seen people fail to shed their belly fat when they actually try to do it brick by brick. For those of you who are proud of your slim waist, here is a demure sexy dress perfect for you to show off a bit. It is a black cross-neck dress that only shows a small part of your stomach. Wear it with silver open toe heels and you’re ready for a cocktail party.

Black dress with long sleeves and a side neckline

black long-sleeved sheath dress

Let’s continue to see some low key sexy dresses that have cut outs at the waist. This time it’s a black, long-sleeved, bodycon mini dress with side cutouts. Pair it with black ballet flats to complete this minimal look.

Cold Shoulder Sweetheart Neckline Cut Out Dress

cold shoulder sweetheart neckline dress

Now let’s take a look at this extremely sexy black dress. It’s a cold shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline. Pair this dress with white heels and open toes to complete this eye-catching and fantastic outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd at cocktail parties and proms.

Black bodycon dress with small side cutouts

black form-fitting mini side cutouts

This black bodycon dress has only two mini side cutouts. You can see how these mini cutouts actually take the dress to another level. Without her, the dress would still have looked good, but nowhere as beautiful and sexy. To make the outfit look even more elegant, wear a silver sparkling choker necklace and a pair of silver open toe heels with ankle straps.

Black dress with an open bust

black dress with an open bust

I’ve seen a lot of open chest dresses that really show too much skin and definitely don’t look good. However, this open chest black dress uses multiple necklines to result in the subtle open chest design that makes this dress look elegant and sexy. Just pair the dress with silver open toe heels or black open toe heels and you’re good to go.

Black shoulder dress with a striped neckline below the shoulders

Black shoulder dress with a striped neckline below the shoulders

This dress may cause you to show a little too much skin. You must judge this for yourself as the same dress can look very different on another lady. This dress is a back and shoulder dress with a horizontally striped neckline that makes it look almost like a strapless dress. Black strappy sandals would be a good choice for the shoes.

Plunging V-neck maxi dress

deep V-neck maxi dress

These are the types of elegant dresses designed almost exclusively for proms. With the cutouts, this black deep V-neck maxi dress looks even more unique and sexy. Pair the dress with black heels with ankle straps and a silver cuff bracelet for an extra elegant touch.

Black asymmetric dress with one sleeve

black asymmetric dress with sleeves

For those of you who are constantly trying to dress ladylike, how about having fun and challenging yourself to dress in style for your next cocktail party. For a classy look, you can wear a black asymmetric one sleeve dress with a neckline that seems randomly placed. Pair the dress with black strappy heels to push the envelope even further.

Black cross neck midi dress

black cross neck midi dress

For those of you who are really opposed to showing any skin at all, here’s a beautiful dress you just need to show off a super small part of your stomach that might get you started. It’s a black midi dress with a criss-cross neckline. Pair it with black heels with ankle straps to complete the outfit. By the way, to see more outfit ideas for similar shoes, maybe read our blog post on styling black ankle strap heels.

Black halter dress

black halter dress

A fun fact about cut out dresses is that sometimes it can look like a two piece dress. This black halter dress is a good example of that. This is indeed a casual dress, especially when you compare it to others on this list. I would recommend that you wear light pink sandals with the dress to complete a gorgeous outfit that is perfect for dating and dining.

Asymmetrical high split maxi dress

asymmetrical high split maxi dress

Here is a stylish black asymmetric high split maxi dress. Even the cutout at the waist looks asymmetrical. Simply combine the dress with black strappy heels to complete this elegant and cool outfit.

Midi dress with one sleeve

one sleeve midi dress

For another asymmetrical look, there is a one-sleeved midi dress with a cutout at the waist. Combine the dress with black ballet flats for a beautiful look.

Black, figure-hugging mini dress with leather jacket

black, figure-hugging leather jacket with mini dress neckline

Very often, when you are about to enter the party room of a cocktail party, you will want to wear a jacket with your dress. The black leather jacket is best paired with a black cutout mini dress. Combine the jacket with black leather boots for a stylish look.

Black maxi dress with floppy hat

black cutout maxi dress floppy hat

For an artistic and creative look, wear this black maxi dress with a floppy hat. A black floppy hat is not that easy to style and this outfit definitely shows a good example of how to wear it in style.

Here are the Black Cut Out Dress Outfit Ideas that I want to share with you. For more outfit ideas, check out the thousands of other outfit ideas on this site.

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