How to style scallop skirt

How to style scallop skirt

If you want to look refreshing and show off some legs, a white mini skirt is often a great choice. To double this refreshing effect, all you have to do is add some extra sophisticated detailing to your skirt, namely trimming the scalloped hem. This type of beautiful and beautiful skirts is often referred to as scallop skirt or scalloped hem skirt. What you are about to see are some chic and demure sexy outfit ideas that I have compiled for your reference. let’s dive in

White bow with bow and light pink skirt with scalloped hem


Since I know many of you are bored with your signature work outfit revolving around the black pencil skirt you wear every day, I will start this list of outfit ideas with a ladylike and refreshing work outfit. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a white lace blouse with a bow. Pair it with a pale pink scallop mini skirt and pink pointed toe heels to look minimal and beautiful.

White sleeveless top with pink striped scallop skirt

white sleeveless pink striped scallop skirt

Here is a more playful and casual outfit perfect for dating. To form this outfit, you can wear a sleeveless white cotton top with a pink and white horizontal striped scallop mini skirt. Pair these pieces with pink strappy heels and a light blue leather handbag to look feminine and adorable.

Light gray cold shoulder top with white scallop mini skirt

light gray cold shoulder top with white scallop

If showing off some legs isn’t refreshingly and demurely sexy enough for your taste, consider adding a cold shoulder top to your outfit. For example, you can wear a light gray cold shoulder blouse with a white mini scallop skirt to look absolutely beautiful and lovely. You can add an extra refreshing touch by wearing a pair of sky blue open toe heels.

White chiffon vest top with black mini scallop skirt

white chiffon vest shell black mini scallop skirt

To dress like a minimalist, this black and white outfit should do the trick. Simply wear a white vest top with a black scalloped mini skirt. Wear open strappy sandals for the shoes that go perfectly with the white top. You can wear a statement necklace if you just want to add a little edginess to the look.

White skirt with pink purse and heels

white skirt pink purse heels

A great way to look ladylike and refreshing to use the pink and white color combo. For example, you can wear a sleeveless pleated white blouse with a white scalloped mini skirt to complement the white part. Pair them with open toe heels with pink ankle straps and a blush pink leather handbag to complete this attractive and approachable look.

Multi-colored striped sweater with a blue shell skirt at the front

multicolor striped sweater blue button on front scallop skirt

For a more youthful and colorful look, you can wear this multicolored striped bodycon sweater. Pair it with a mini skirt with a blue button down the front and a scalloped hemline. Finally, wear a pair of pink leather lace-up shoes to look girly and cozy.

Baseball t-shirt with black lace skirt with scalloped hem

Baseball Tee Black Lace Scalloped Hem Skirt

This is a very interesting attempt at matching a baseball t-shirt with a lace skirt. And the attempt is quite successful according to the picture above. To form this outfit, you can wear a gray and white baseball t-shirt with a black scalloped lace mini skirt. Wear them with black ballet flats and a black leather clutch to complete your outfit.

Black and white check boyfriend shirt with scallop mini skirt

black and white checked boyfriend shirt, scallop mini skirt

If you want to be just a little more casual with your work outfit, you can pair your pencil skirt with a boyish item like this black and white plaid boyfriend shirt. The skirt here is a white scalloped mini skirt. Pair them with light pink open toe heels and a brown leather handbag for a chic outfit.

Sleeveless denim shirt with a white mini skirt

sleeveless denim shirt white mini skirt

Here is a perfect outfit for summer or spring. For the top, wear a shirt with chambray sleeves and buttons. Pair it with a mini white scallop skirt to look light and refreshing. Pair them with nude heeled sandals to add a touch of boho to the mix.

Bow button shirt with black scallop skirt

Black scallop skirt with bow button

This is a very nice work outfit that reminds me of a school uniform. To achieve this youthful and attractive look, you can wear a black and white bow tie shirt and pair it with a black scalloped mini skirt. Pair them with black ballet flats and a black leather handbag to make you look more professional.

White strapless blouse with a pink striped scalloped hem skirt

white strapless blouse, pink striped skirt with scalloped hem

One way to look very feminine is to show your shoulders and collarbones to your show. This off the shoulder white chiffon blouse will have you doing just that. Pair the blouse with a pink and white striped scallop skirt and nude sandals for a chic and demurely sexy look.

White wrap top with black mini skirt

white wrap top black mini skirt

Speaking of chic outfits, here’s another one that’s both chic and casual. To achieve this striking look, you can simply wear a white wrap top with a black mini scallop skirt and a pair of black suede thigh high boots. Wear a leopard print clutch to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to the overall look.

Blue checked shirt with white wrap skirt

white wrap skirt with blue plaid shirt

Here is a very refreshing and cheerful outfit. You can simply wear a blue and white plaid button down shirt and tuck it into a white wrap mini scallop skirt. Complement the outfit with purple heeled sandals.

Blue chiffon sleeveless blouse with white scallop skirt

blue chiffon sleeveless blouse, white scallop skirt

One way to look breezy is to wear something made out of chiffon. In this case, a sky blue chiffon sleeveless blouse is paired with a scalloped hem white skirt. Pair them with light pink open toe heels to look minimalist and ladylike.

White semi-sheer top with suede scallop skirt with brown button closure

white semi sheer brown suede button down scallop skirt

If you want to see more depth in your skirt, you can choose a suede with a more refined texture. For example, you can wear a suede mini skirt with a scalloped button hem and a white semi-sheer top. Pair them with black suede knee high boots to complete this super chic street outfit.

Here are some really beautiful scallop skirt outfit ideas that I shared with you above. For those of you who are looking for all sorts of outfit ideas to get inspired, you can check out other blog posts available on this site.

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