How to style red leggings

How to style red leggings

Leggings have become an important part of our outfits. For many people, if there are no leggings, they cannot wear a skirt or dress in winter. Black leggings almost always look good no matter what outfit you’re wearing. However, if you are a little bored with the color black and want to have fun by being more creative, let’s explore how to style red leggings together. Styling red leggings is not that easy. To get you started, I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to wear red leggings. Let’s look at them now. Try these ideas and see if they serve you well.

Red leather leggings with black moto jacket


To start the list I am going to talk about the red leather leggings which are much easier to style than the regular cotton leggings. To achieve this stylish and rugged look, you can wear a black cropped t-shirt over a white button-down shirt. Wear a cropped black leather jacket. For bottom wear red leggings and black leather ankle boots.

White blouse with red and black plaid leggings

white blouse red and black plaid leggings

Sometimes tight red leggings can be quite difficult to style, while red and black plaid leggings blend in more easily with the rest of your outfit. For example, wear a white long-sleeved blouse with the checked leggings. Wear open leather ankle boots to complete a minimal outfit.

Wear it with a gray sweater dress

red leggings gray sweater dress

A great way to wear the tight red leggings is to wear them with an outfit that already looks like no leggings. It’s quite difficult to explain in just words, so I’ll use the image above to show you what I mean. Imagine wearing just the gray sweater dress with the brown suede boots. The outfit would look good. In this case, the red leggings are just there to add a bit of color and change the overall style a bit. It is usually such a situation that the red leggings can really fit into the outfit.

Wear with a white button-up boyfriend shirt

white button-up boyfriend shirt red leggings

For a really easy outfit that you just want to throw on quickly, you can simply wear a white button down shirt, red leggings and heels. I know you would have a question for many of you: Why not just wear black leggings in situations like this? My simple answer is that wearing red is cool, especially during the holiday season.

Black batwing sleeve sweater with red and black plaid leggings

red and black plaid leggings over knee boots

A nice way to style the red and black plaid leggings would be to pair them with brown over the knee boots. For the top, simply wear a black batwing sweater to complete this simple yet beautiful outfit.

Red crochet leggings with white t-shirt dress

red crochet leggings white t-shirt dress

This outfit is a relatively rare item: the red crochet leggings. You can wear them with a white t-shirt dress and mid-calf boots. Wear a statement belt to add character to the outfit.

Red leggings with a navy dress

red leggings navy dress

This outfit shows a really cool way to style the red leggings by pairing them with ankle boots of the exact same color. You can simply wear a navy long sleeve dress to complete this minimalist and elegant navy and red outfit.

Wear it with a black wool coat and ankle boots

red leggings black wool coat booties

One of the reasons to wear red leggings in winter is to simply add a bright color to your outfit to look more cheerful in the gray winter. As a winter outfit, you can wear a black sheath dress with a black wool coat. Wear red leggings and black ankle boots for style and to keep you warm in cold weather.

Wear it with a long gray t-shirt and a short black jacket

short leather jacket red leggings

For a casual look, you can simply wear the red leggings with a long t-shirt with a gray print, a short black jacket and high leather sneakers.

Wear it with a cream colored chunky sweater and knee high boots

red leggings chunky sweater knee high boots

For a Christmas look, you can wear a cream colored chunky knit sweater for the top. Pair it with red leggings and brown leather knee high boots. Wear a red and black plaid wool scarf to match the red leggings.

Wear it with a white scoop neckline and a white blazer

red leggings white u neck top white blazer

This outfit is a chic work outfit in red and white. Wear a white au-neck t-shirt and a white blazer for the top. Add a pair of red leggings and white heels to the mix. I think this outfit is more for those who work in the creative industries. For most other industries, it’s a bit of underclothing.

Wear with Black Sweater & Blazer

red leggings black sweater blazer

Using black and red color combination can always easily catch people’s attention. For example, wear a black sweater with a black blazer for the top. Combine these items with red leggings and black ankle boots.

Wear yours with a black blazer and navy shorts

black blazer navy shorts red leggings

Here’s an outfit that still looks great without the red leggings, but the leggings add more color and style to it. For the top, wear a white collar shirt, black sweater and black blazer. Combine them with dark blue shorts, red leggings and white ballet flats.

Wear a gray long sleeve flare dress with red sequin leggings

gray flare dress red sequin leggings

Sometimes you might want to add some shiny elements to your outfit because it is holiday season. For example, wear a gray long sleeve dress with red sequin leggings and heels.

Black vest top with red leggings for yoga

black vest top red leggings yoga outfit

Here’s an outfit that looks decent and is comfortable to wear for yoga and exercise. Wear a black vest with red leggings to finish off the look.

I hope you enjoy the red leggings outfit ideas I’ve put together. The red leggings are surely something that you don’t wear every day. But at least give them a try for the holiday season for some fun.

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