How to style purple cardigan

How to style purple cardigan

If you could add a little piece of clothing to your casual outfit to look more feminine and beautiful, what choice would you make? One of my top five picks would be the purple cardigan. It just works whether you pair it with cool skinny jeans or elegant and chic dresses. To better show you how to style it, I have compiled a list of the best purple cardigan outfit ideas. Now let’s check it out.

Purple long cardigan with denim skirt


Let’s start the exciting list with a really cool casual outfit. To achieve this remarkable look, you can wear a white scoop neck t-shirt and a denim mini skirt. Normally you would combine them with a denim jacket. But now, if you replace that with a long lilac cardigan, the outfit looks much more feminine and deeper. Wear cheetah flats for the shoes for a stylish touch.

Purple chunky cardigan with ripped skinny jeans

purple chunky zip-up cardigan and ripped skinny jeans

Here is a very different style from the previous outfit. While the previous one looks very cool, this one is more relaxed and cozy. To achieve this, you can wear a white t-shirt with a purple chunky cardigan. Add a pair of ripped blue skinny jeans and beige suede boots to the equation. A beige felt hat can add an artistic touch to the outfit.

Long cardigan with black top and leggings

long black cardigan with cardigan

If you are looking for a more demure and cozy outfit, you can simply pair a purple cardigan with an all black outfit. As an example, you can wear a long lilac cardigan with a black t-shirt and black leggings. Team the pieces with black suede boots to complete the outfit in a simple and neat way.

Sleeveless lilac chiffon cardigan with white top and jeans

sleeveless purple chiffon cardigan white top jeans

To achieve an airy look, you need something completely different. The magic piece to look for is the purple sleeveless semi-sheer chiffon cardigan. You can pair this airy and feminine piece with a white top and stylish cuffed jeans for an intense and interesting contrast. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of gray suede heels for a feminine touch.

Purple sweater with white floral lace

purple cardigan white floral top

For a unique casual outfit that makes you look slim, you can wear a white floral vest top and purple bodycon cardigan. Wear it with flared blue jeans and nude sandals to complete this outfit. Don’t forget to wear the brown leather belt that makes the outfit more stylish.

Long chunky purple cardigan with ripped skinny jeans

long chunky purple cardigan with ripped skinny jeans

This is such a refreshing and youthful outfit. While it may seem very simple at first glance, it’s easily my favorite outfit on the list. To achieve this beautiful look, you can wear a white printed t-shirt with blue ripped skinny jeans. Pair them with a long chunky knit lilac cardigan and white sneakers to complete this outfit beautifully.

Wear yours with a long belted denim dress

long denim shirt dress with belt

Now let’s look at a super chic outfit that is perfect for fall and winter. Basically, you want to create beautiful layers by wearing a long lilac cardigan over a chambray belted shirt dress. Add a pair of black stockings and black mid-calf boots to the look for a feminine and classy touch.

Long lilac cardigan with an orange mini sheath dress

long purple cardigan orange mini shift dress

For a colorful and eye-catching look, how about we try to create a strong color contrast by wearing purple over orange. As an example, you can wear a long lilac cardigan over an orange shift dress. Make sure the cardigan is slightly longer than the dress to make the legs look longer. Pair these pieces with black leggings and black leather knee high boots to achieve this beautiful look.

Wear it with a black and white check boyfriend shirt

black and white checked boyfriend shirt

This time, let’s try to combine the cardigan with a typical casual outfit. For example, wear a black and white plaid boyfriend shirt with black skinny jeans and chat to create a decent and quintessential street outfit. Now add the purple cardigan to take the outfit to another level.

Purple cardigan with three quarter sleeves and a floral mini dress

Purple cardigan with three quarter sleeves and a floral mini dress

For a fun and charming look, you can wear a floral mini dress and a purple three-quarter sleeve cardigan. Pair them with black platform sandals to look chic.

Purple ribbed long cardigan with white top and jeans

purple ribbed long cardigan white top jeans

Purple and white were also a very tasty color combination. This outfit is a perfect demonstration of that. It consists of a light purple ribbed long cardigan paired with a white vest top and white ripped skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with white sneakers or a low top conversation to complete this awesome purple and white look.

Wear it with a white top and a black fitted skirt

white top black bodycon skirt

For a casual and girly look, you can simply wear a white t-shirt with a purple cardigan as a top. Wear it with a black bodycon mini skirt and light pink loafers to complete this beautifully tailored outfit.

Wear with White Peplum Top & Black Chinos

white peplum top black chinos

To add a bit of a unique touch, a white peplum top is used to pair with the purple cardigan. You can pair them with black chinos and light pink ankle straps with open toes to complete this simple yet beautiful outfit.

Purple cardigan with black shift dress

purple cardigan black shift dress

For a super minimal outfit, you can simply wear a purple cardigan over a black mini shift dress. Pair them with light pink pointed toe heels and you’re done. That’s the power of simplicity.

Wear with White Ribbon Bow Round Collar Shirt

white bow-tie shirt with a round collar

For a beautiful school girl look, you can wear a purple cardigan with a white bow tie with a round collar and a bow tie for the bodice. Pair them with a gray and purple plaid wool mini skirt and black heels to complete this unique and feminine look.

Here are the purple cardigan outfit ideas that are very easy to pull off. However, the results are just amazing and that’s why I highly recommend you try them out if you can. Trial and error is probably the best way to figure out what’s best for you.

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