How To Style Long Hair

How To Style Long Hair

Haircuts come and go, but long hair is always there! Also the trend towards medium length hair
passes and long hair takes its position back. How can you style your long hair this year to look bold and edgy?

Waves or slim locks

Natural, extra long waves are very popular right now – if you have curly hair this is your time! Style it right and give it a cool texture and voila! If you have straight hair, extra long and very straight hair is a great way to dive into the trends of the 90s and 2000s – Kim Kardashian often shows such ideas. Wear a straight parting and no accessories and that’s it!


Showing off your locks is always cool, but sometimes all you want is just a comfy updo. When you wear an updo, you add texture to your hair. The most important thing is wearing locks for a more natural feel. Locks down and an updo are making a huge homeback, so rock it!

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