How to style fringe shirt

How to style fringe shirt

The fashion world has evolved so much that there are many ways to build stylish and feminine outfits around button-up shirts. One of the best ways to do this would be by wearing a fringed shirt. It may be true that a fringed shirt is more difficult to style than an ordinary buttoned shirt. But after all, it’s still a shirt and all you have to do is watch how others are doing it and you can quickly come up with your own ways. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some really great fringe shirt outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

Light blue shirt with chambray fringes and jeans

light blue chambray fringed shirt jeans

To start this list, instead of showing you a white button down shirt as you’d expect, I’m going to choose a slightly more casual and stylish light blue chambray fringed shirt. You can easily combine it with black skinny jeans. Wear a pair of black leather boots for shoes to add some style to the outfit.

White button down shirt and orange pants


Now moving on to a more typical shirt, the white button down shirt, although this time it features those stylish and unique fringe details. To give the shirt a colorful and creative look, you can wear it with orange wide-leg pants. Pair them with black pointed toe heels to complete the outfit clean and simple.

Black shirt with fringed buttons and white midi shirt

black fringed shirt and white midi shirt

If you don’t always have to wear suits to your workplace, here is a very good idea for a work outfit that will allow you to look both chic and artistic. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black button down shirt and a white midi skirt. For the shoes, you can simply wear black ballet flats to keep the outfit elegant and simple.

Chambray fringed shirt with dark blue skinny jeans

Dark blue skinny jeans with chambray fringes

To pull off a very understated look that’s still reasonably stylish, here’s an outfit to consider. You can simply wear a blue fringed chambray shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Instead of just wearing white sneakers, you might want to wear a pair of black and white high-top Converse to add a classy touch to the outfit.

White slim fit shirt with fringes and jeans

white slim fit fringed shirt and jeans

By this time, you have seen some stylish fringed shirts. To make the shirt look more feminine, you just need to choose one that has a slim fit. For example, you can wear this white slim-fit shirt with fringes and buttons, and it should be noted that the cut makes a big difference. If you don’t know how to complete your outfit by wearing gray jeans and black ballet flats, you can still look very glamorous.

Gray t-shirt with lace and fringe details

gray t-shirt with lace and fringe details

While this post is mostly about button-up shirts, I want to touch on a few more high-end fringed t-shirts. For example, here is a chic gray t-shirt with fancy lace and fringe details. You can pair it with blue skinny jeans and light pink pointed toe heels to look stylish and adorable.

Dark blue denim shirt dress with fringes

dark blue denim shirt dress with fringes

I would also address a slight variation on the fringed shirt, namely the fringed shirt dress. This dress here is a really stylish and beautiful dark blue fringed denim shirt dress. You can create a youthful look simply by wearing it with white sneakers.

White fringed sleeveless shirt and black felt hat

white fringed sleeveless shirt black felt hat

For those of you who have an artistic character in you, here is a good outfit that can highlight that part of you. To achieve this unique look, you can wear a fringe white sleeveless shirt with black skinny jeans. Combine these pieces with black ballet flats and a very creative black felt hat.

White t-shirt with a round neckline and multiple fringes

white crew neck t-shirt, multiple layers of fringes

This t-shirt has a very creative design. It has multiple layers of fringes hanging all over the shirt. Just pair it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers and you will have a really stylish and eye-catching casual look.

Light pink short-sleeved shirt with fringes and ripped jeans

light pink short-sleeved shirt with fringes ripped jeans

This light pink short sleeve shirt has some nice detailing in the fringes and patterns. Simply wear the shirt with dark blue skinny jeans and light pink pointed toe heels to look youthful and casual.

Sleeveless top with asymmetric fringes and ripped jeans

asymmetrical sleeveless jeans with fringes

This sleeveless blouse has a very stylish asymmetrical design. One side is just a plain white sleeveless shirt while the other side is filled with fringes. You can pair it with blue skinny jeans and black leather boots to complete this stylish and beautiful look.

Black shirt with silk fringes and shorts

black silk shirt shorts with fringes

Speaking of unisex outfits, this one is probably the most eye-catching on this list. Not only does the black fringed silk shirt look kinda dark, the black DIY jean shorts make the outfit unisex. For the shoes, you can wear black slippers to make the outfit even more stylish and robust.

Yellow shirt with multicolored striped mini skirt

yellow shirt with multicolored striped miniskirt

For a more cheerful outfit, you can wear a yellow button down shirt and a mini skirt with rainbow stripes. Just pair these pieces with light pink pointed toe heels and you should have a pretty, colorful and adorable outfit.

Black shirt with silk fringes and buttons with mom jeans

black fringed silk, button-up shirt, mom jeans

This outfit is simply unique and remarkable. If you combine the black shirt with silk fringes with mom jeans and white belt you can look really stylish and the outfit really doesn’t look like any other outfit. Pair it with black ballet flats to complete this incredibly stylish outfit.

Black blouse with fringed sleeves and printed drainpipe trousers

Skinny trousers with a black blouse with fringed sleeves

It’s an interesting idea to combine a special top with special pants. In this case a black short sleeve blouse with fringes on the sleeve is combined with unique black and gray printed drainpipes. Complement the outfit with black ballet flats.

Here are some really stylish and interesting fringe shirt outfit ideas that I just shared with you guys. The fringed shirt is definitely not one of those items to wear every day, but it is definitely fun to wear every now and then to spice things up.

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