How to style fleece sweater

How to style fleece sweater

In winter we just want to feel warm and comfortable. Nobody is interested in the colors of the year, trendy jeans or jackets. They want to make sure you’re comfortable. That’s why fleece sweater was the sweater of the winter season. Girls began to wear it with the first signs of falling and still did not stop.

Fleece is a woolen fabric that comes from sheep. From this you can conclude that it is warm and very soft. It has been used for a long time. It found its way into the fashion world through scarves, blouses, sweaters and coats. The last ones were popular this winter and are also known as teddy bear coats.
This post will show you how to style fleece sweater. It can be combined sporty, casual and sometimes elegant. let’s see together

White jeans and a gray fleece sweater

Fleece sweater grey
Looks like a snowflake in winter? Why not! Winter shouldn’t be an excuse for not wearing all white outfits. This one is a little coordinated with a gray sweater.
This denim sweater look is perfect for everyday occasions. You will look super casual but also very stylish. You can choose your most comfortable boots. If you intend to be outside all day, be sure to wear something that won’t hurt you.

Leggings kind of day

black fleece sweater sneakers
There are days when you just don’t wear jeans or other not-so-comfortable pants. But don’t worry. It is now legal and appropriate to wear leggings even when you are at work. They are part of modern sport.
Pair black leggings with a beige fleece sweater for a casual look. You can top it off with black sneakers and add a black tote bag. This outfit keeps you warm and comfortable at the same time.

Printed fleece sweater

Printed fleece sweater
When it comes to prints, I love anything that doesn’t go over the line. I love ethnic and traditional patterns that are interesting to combine and wear. This sweater is just like that. Interesting with traditional motifs. Blue color might not be the easiest to combine, but it should go well with jeans. You can wear this to your picnic or go hiking in the park and forest.

Denim jacket and fleece sweater

Fleece sweater denim jacket
Denim jackets are one of those everlasting pieces and something you need to have in your closet. It is important as a trench coat and white t-shirt.
The good thing about denim is that you can style it with athletic clothing. This girl opted for a mix of a fleece sweater, sneakers and a denim jacket. You can wear this for a walk, a hike or a picnic in the woods.

Two-tone fleece sweater

Two-tone fleece sweater
If you need something interesting in an everyday outfit combination, choose a two-tone sweater.
Some outfits take less than 10 minutes. You can simply combine skinny jeans and fleece top for a super comfortable and warm look. Dressed like this, you can go for a walk or have a cup of coffee.

Soft pink sweaters and Uggs

Soft pink fleece sweater
The soft pink color is probably one of the trendiest this year. All wore soft and blush pink tops, skirts and dresses. Why don’t you try too? You can pair your fleece top with dark skinny jeans and top it all off with ugg boots. They keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Thigh high boots and fleece sweater

Thigh high fleece sweater boots
As you could already see, fleece sweater is not just a sports staple. You can also combine it with more elegant looks and accessories. Thigh-high boots are perfect for elegant, high-heeled occasions. However, if you want to wear them flat, you can pair them with jeans and a sweater. You can add a plaid scarf and a tan bag.

Green and checkered

Checked fleece sweater
Plaid is one of the main materials when it comes to chic and elegant clothing. But it also looks chic and sophisticated as a detail.
Green and red colors make an excellent combination. Add a plaid detail to all of this and you have a great casual piece. You can style this top with jeans or sneakers.

Striped blouse under the sweater

striped fleece sweater blouse
If you’re a fan of layering things like me, you’ll love this look. It’s easy to build and so comfortable to wear.
Ripped jeans not only look stylish, they are also comfortable to wear. Pair it with a striped blouse and a delicate pink fleece sweater.
When it comes to shoes, choose something flat—boots, ballet flats, or sneakers.

Beige and black combination

Fleece sweater beige black
This girl opted for a cozy and warm combination of sweater and black leggings. She wears this combination in winter but I’m sure she doesn’t feel cold.
You can create such an outfit by combining your sporty leggings and fleece top. Add a hat and black sneakers for a long walk around town.

Fleece pullover with an Aztec pattern

Aztek fleece sweater
Aztec print is very important. It’s cool and looks perfectly balanced between modern and ethnic. This sweater looks comfortable and soft. It is a combination of two colors – navy blue and red.
You can combine it with jeans, sneakers and a warm jacket for cold winter days.

Everything white

All white fleece sweater
All white, all outfit makes you feel like a snowflake. As I mentioned in the first outfit idea, one should not avoid the white color in winter. Be fair to the environment.
You can style your fluffy sweater with white jeans. Don’t forget to add a beige beanie and a small brown suede bag.

As you could see, fleece can be your best friend when it comes to cold wind and winter conditions. You can style it with jeans (best), but feel free to experiment. If you are an athlete, combine it with your leggings for a comfortable look.
I hope you consider this piece of clothing and try to combine it with other items you already have. Be sure to check out all the other outfit ideas on this site too!

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