How to style chiffon shorts

How to style chiffon shorts

During the summer you can see women wearing jean shorts everywhere. To stand out from the crowd, let’s examine how to style the type of shorts that are more refreshing and feminine: the chiffon shorts. Unlike denim shorts, which are so classic and versatile that you can wear them almost every day during the summer, chiffon shorts are one of those items that can throw a few nice surprises every now and then. To get you off to a great start, I’ve rounded up some of the best chiffon shorts ideas and I’m going to share them with you now.

Red long sleeve t-shirt with white floral chiffon shorts


Chiffon shorts often feel ladylike and refreshing, so you can try styling them with pieces with a similar feel. With this concept, you’ll likely create an outfit that’s very different from a typical outfit, like the t-shirt and jean shorts combo that everyone else is wearing. As a good example of a feminine summer or spring outfit, you can wear a red long sleeve t-shirt with white floral chiffon shorts. Add a pair of stockings and black ankle heels to the equation.

Chiffon White Top with Chiffon Orange Floral Shorts

chiffon orange cropped white top with floral pattern

A beautiful and refreshing way to style chiffon shorts is to pair them with a chiffon top. For example, pair a white chiffon top with orange floral shorts. For the shoes, I recommend wearing either white sneakers for a casual and youthful look, or light pink heels for a more dressy look.

Beige chiffon shorts with denim jacket

beige chiffon shorts denim jacket

Look at this outfit and try to imagine that the chiffon shorts are replaced with jean shorts. That would still have been a good looking outfit. However, wearing the beige chiffon shorts gives you the edge that can really require a lot of attention. To achieve this stylish yet beautiful look, you can pair the shorts with a white V-neck top and a denim jacket. Wear leather loafers to add a little more style to your outfit. By the way, if you want to learn more about the shoes, you can read our blog post about styling leather sneakers.

Blue shorts with a white cold shoulder top

blue chiffon shorts white cold shoulder top

Since the chiffon shorts usually look so refreshing, it makes sense to use a refreshing color combination to take the outfit to an even higher level. The combination of sky blue and white so pleasing to the eye is used for this outfit. Just wear a cold shoulder white top and sky blue chiffon shorts. Complete the outfit with nice details by wearing gray crew socks and brown lace-up shoes.

Orange lace chiffon shorts with white top

Orange lace chiffon shorts white top

For a super casual outfit, you can simply wear a white half sleeve top and orange lace chiffon shorts. Just wear flip flops for this outfit, which is great for visiting the neighbors or going shopping.

Chiffon blue floral shorts with white waistcoat

Chiffon blue floral shorts, white vest top

Here is another beautiful chiffon on chiffon outfit. For the top, wear a white chiffon vest top made of two layers of chiffon with the top layer being semi-sheer. Wear yours with blue chiffon shorts and heeled sandals.

Black top with high waisted beige chiffon shorts

Beige high waisted chiffon shorts

This outfit is very creative as it uses an oversized top with high waisted shorts. It consists of a black oversized t-shirt, beige high-waisted chiffon shorts and white sneakers.

Black vest top with orange ruffled chiffon shorts

black vest top orange ruffle chiffon shorts

This outfit uses a rather rare but cute looking product: the ruffled chiffon shorts. You can easily combine the orange chiffon shorts with a black vest top. For the shoes, I would recommend wearing light pink heels or black ballet flats.

Green chiffon shorts with a light green floral tank top

Floral tank top with green chiffon shorts

If you want to hang out in a park or do a photo shoot in nature, this outfit is a great choice to create that refreshing spring look. Wear a light green floral waistcoat with a tie near your chest to start off your glamorous look. Pair it with green chiffon shorts and strappy sandals. For a magical touch of refreshment, wear a green floppy hat. How beautifully all these parts work together is just amazing.

Black floral print shiffon shorts with black top

black floral chiffon shorts

This is a very casual outfit that you might want to wear if you just want to go for a casual walk in the park or on the beach. Wear a black long sleeve t-shirt with floral chiffon shorts and white sneakers to complete this outfit. It’s so comfortable to wear.

Black oversized knit sweater with pink chiffon shorts

black knit sweater pink chiffon shorts

For a glamorous outfit you can wear to work, pair a black oversized knit sweater with pink chiffon shorts and black ankle boots. It depends on the actual dress code of your workplace, but in general, instead of wearing pencil skirts all the time, wear pink chiffon shorts like this and really spice up your outfits.

White lace top with baby blue chiffon shorts

Baby blue chiffon shorts white lace top

For a mature and sexy summer outfit, you can wear white lace up with baby blue chiffon shorts. Complete the outfit with nude open toe heels.

Light orange shorts with a white shirt

light orange shorts white shirt with buttons

For an artistic and slightly unisex look, you can wear a white button down shirt and knee length light orange chiffon shorts. Combine these pieces with black sandals and especially with the black and white felt hat.

Sleeveless white top with dark blue chiffon shorts

sleeveless white top navy chiffon shorts with floral pattern

For a minimalist and energetic look, simply wear a white sleeveless top with navy floral chiffon shorts and white sneakers.

Green chiffon shorts with off shoulder white blouse

green chiffon shorts off the shoulder white blouse

As a sexy and artistic outfit, it consists of white off shoulder blouse and green chiffon shorts. You can wear black strappy sandals for the shoes. Don’t forget the black fedora that can add an artistic touch to the look.

I just shared with you some of my favorite ways to style chiffon shorts. I hope you realize how amazing the outfits look and let’s try some of them.

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