How to style a white lace top

How to style a white lace top

If you want to dress elegantly, a white lace top can most likely help you achieve your goal. I know a lot of people are scared of wearing lace because lace makes them look sexy. In some cases this might be true, but definitely not with the white lace top. One thing I really like about the white lace top is that it very often blends naturally with the rest of your outfit, whether it’s a work outfit or a casual outfit. For this blog post, I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to style a white lace top and I’m going to share the ideas with you now.

White lace short sleeve top with cuffed jeans


To start the list, I’m going to share with you a very typical white top and denim outfit that you’re likely to wear at the top, but this time it’s a white lace short-sleeved top instead of a white t-shirt that you’re likely to wear. Just pair the white lace top with cuffed jeans and light pink heels. To better glue the pieces together, you can carry a white handbag to match the white top.

Long sleeve white lace top with skinny jeans

Long-sleeved skinny jeans with white lace

For a more elegant dress, you can wear a long-sleeved white lace top with black skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Combine the outfit with a classy ivory handbag. This lace top looks so beautiful because it has some nice details. If you look closely, you’ll see that it actually has two layers, with the inner layer being a white vest and the outer layer being a semi-sheer lace overlay.

Wear yours with a denim jacket and black skinny jeans

Denim jacket black skinny jeans

You can definitely wear a jacket with the white lace top. For many people, the first choice should be a denim jacket, as the combination of blue and white naturally goes well together. You can pair these pieces with black skinny jeans and light pink heels to complete this casual and chic look.

White lace top with gray skinny jeans

white lace top gray skinny jeans

In another blog post I mentioned that I really liked gray jeans because they are more unique compared to blue jeans but can be worn with tops of any color. You can read this blog post about gray jeans here. Coming back to this outfit idea, you can achieve a unique look by pairing a white lace top with gray cropped skinny jeans. For the shoes, either brown or nude heels would work perfectly. You can creatively wear a cheetah handbag to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Long sleeve lace top with skinny jeans and light pink heels

Long sleeve lace top with light pink heels

As simple as this outfit look, the boho pattern in the white lace top really sets this outfit apart from the rest. When the colors match perfectly, a minimal outfit like this can be really beautiful and powerful. To achieve this look wear white boho lace top with dark blue skinny jeans and light pink heels. The yellow wallet is the magical touch that takes this outfit to another level.

White lace top with bell sleeves and skinny jeans

white skinny jeans with bell sleeves

Here is another boho style lace top. This time it’s a white tunic top with bell sleeves. You can pair it with ripped skinny jeans and gray loafers. If you’re looking for a casual yet sharp look, wear a gray handbag.

Off The Shoulder Boho Lace Top

off the shoulder boho lace top

I have to admit that I’m a big fan of boho style. Not only does it look good, but boho style outfits are usually easy to pull off. As another example, wear this off the shoulder boho lace top with skinny jeans and nude sandals for an understated sexy look.

Wear it with a navy and white plaid skirt

dark blue and white plaid skirt

After talking about many denim outfit ideas, let’s talk about a skirt. For a cozy and ladylike look, wear a white lace long sleeve top with a navy and white knee length skirt. Complete the outfit with white heels and a black and white handbag to keep the use of color to a minimum.

Wear yours with white jeans and black strappy heels

white jeans black strappy sandals

For a stylish black and white outfit, you can wear a long sleeve white lace top with heavily ripped white jeans. Wear black strappy heeled sandals to add a classy touch to your outfit.

White lace top with black pencil skirt

white lace skirt black pencil skirt

For a fun and ladylike business casual outfit, you can wear a white lace half sleeve top and a black pencil skirt. Wear a black ankle strap open toe for shoes to add a feminine feel to the outfit.

White lace tunic top with dark blue leggings

white lace tunic dark blue skinny jeans

A long white lace tunic top is beautiful in itself with such elegant details. You can wear it simply with navy blue leggings and nude strappy sandals to add a boho style to the mix.

Boho white top with brown suede skirt

Boho white top camel suede skirt

A white and brown outfit can also look very classy, ​​especially if the right mix of fabrics is used. For example, wear a boho-style white lace top with a brown suede skirt for a totally feminine and elegant look. Pair these pieces with brown leather boots and a brown dress bag to take the outfit to a whole new level.

White long sleeve lace wide leg top and wide leg jeans

white long-sleeved lace top

If you want to look really sexy and don’t mind showing some skin, you should try this outfit that requires a lot of attention. Wear a white lace top with sky blue wide-leg jeans to show off your waist and lengthen your legs. I would recommend that you wear white heels to match the white and sky blue outfit.

Wear yours with a black fedora and a skater skirt

black fedora skater skirt

This is such a cute outfit with a black felt hat. Just wear the white lace top with the hat and a black skater skirt to achieve this adorable look. Black heels are a great way to finish off this minimalist black and white outfit.

White tunic top with lace sleeves and knee high boots

white tunic top with lace sleeves

To combine this white tunic top with the lace sleeves, you can simply wear it with dark blue skinny jeans and brown leather knee high boots. It’s a very interesting mix of the toughness of the leather boots and the elegance of the lace top.

After sharing some of the best white lace outfit ideas with you, I hope you will agree that they are not that hard to find. Try them on to add a feminine touch to your look.

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