How to style a plaid tunic

How to style a plaid tunic

For those of you who don’t yet know what a tunic is, it’s basically a long top that can be worn with leggings or just as a shirt dress. What I am going to talk about in this blog post is a very specific type of tunic called a plaid tunic. I choose this topic because I see that plaid boyfriend shirts have become mainstream over the years. So I’m just here to offer a little variation that might add a little fun to your styling game. What you are about to see are some of the best plaid tunic outfit ideas that I have collected for you. Let’s jump right in.

Checkered tunic with red and white belt, leggings and boots


There is no question that the red and white or red and black plaid boyfriend shirt is the most popular of all boyfriend shirts. If you’re also a fan of these, here’s a cool twist that you might also like. To achieve this stylish look, you can simply wear a belted red and white plaid tunic, navy blue leggings and brown leather boots above the knee.

Checkered tunic shirt dress with belt and straw hat

Dark blue plaid tunic shirt dress with straw floppy hat

For a deeper and more sophisticated look, you might want to go for a dark plaid tunic like this navy blue shirt dress. For styling, you can wear it with a straw hat and brown strappy sandals to give the look a refreshing and unique touch.

Gray and white pleated tunic with brown suede knee high boots

Gray and white pleated brown suede tunic knee high boots

As you can see from the previous outfits, you can wear a tunic both as a long shirt and as a shirt dress. Both are beautiful in their own way. This particular gray and white pleated tunic is worn as the shirt dress for this outfit. Wear it simply with brown suede knee high boots and a classy brown leather handbag for a stylish and feminine look.

Black and white checked tunic with leather leggings

black and white plaid leather tunic leggings

This black and white plaid tunic is basically a seriously oversized black and white plaid boyfriend shirt. You can build a stylish outfit on it by wearing it with black leather leggings and black leather ankle boots. You can also wear a silver statement chain to add extra style to the outfit.

Blue and red checked tunic with knee high ivory leather boots

Knee high leather boots with a blue and red checked ivory tunic

The advantage of wearing a belted tunic over a belted tunic is that it makes your waist more visible and usually makes it look slimmer. Take this blue and red plaid belted tunic as an example. Wear it with black leggings and ivory leather knee high boots to create a tall and slim outfit.

Wear it with brown open toe leather lace-up boots and a felt hat

Brown open leather lace-up shoe

I love the simplicity and use of color so much for this refreshing outfit. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a grey, blue and white plaid tunic shirt dress with a pair of brown lace-up ankle boots. To add a feminine and artistic touch to the outfit, you can wear a brown suede felt hat to complete the outfit.

Pink checked tunic with brown leather boots

pink plaid tunic brown leather boots

Here is a very ladylike and gorgeous pink plaid tunic worn as a mini dress. To style a dress that is already so attractive, simply pair it with a pair of brown leather knee high boots and you will look amazing.

Red and black checked tunic with flannel belt

Checked tunic with red and black flannel belt

Sometimes the texture of a tunic can make a big difference. For example, this red and black plaid belted tunic is made of flannel and this harder and blurry texture makes the outfit look more unique. You can easily combine it with black leggings and black ballet flats to complete the outfit with elegance.

White and black tunic with denim jacket

white and black denim tunic jacket

For a youthful and refreshed look, it’s time to bring out the denim jacket. Wear a black and white check tunic with a blue denim jacket for a stylishly layered look. Pair them with a white felt hat and black sandals.

Checkered tunic with black floppy hat

Plaid tunic black floppy hat

Here is another outfit featuring a flannel tunic. This time it’s a more artistic outfit. To achieve this unique look, you can wear a black and white flannel tunic with a black floppy hat. Pair them with black leather boots to look stylish and artistic.

Sleeveless plaid tunic with brown leather boots

sleeveless plaid tunic brown leather ankle boots

You don’t always have to wear a deep V-neckline or backless dresses to show off your beautiful skin. You can also do this by wearing a sleeveless gray plaid tunic to show off some of your arms and shoulders. Simply combine the tunic with a pair of brown leather ankle boots to look attractive.

Wear it with a dark blue cardigan and knee high boots

knee high boots with dark blue cardigan

Here’s an understated outfit that still looks pretty decent. To achieve this, you can wear a red and black plaid tunic with a dark blue cardigan. Pair them with black leggings and dark gray leather knee high boots to look chic and sleek.

Wear with red leggings

Wear with red leggings

If you want to create a more striking outfit, wearing red leggings is a cool option. Team the red leggings with a black and white plaid tunic and black leather shoes to look unique and beautiful.

Red and black check tunic high-top sneakers

red and black checkered tunic high-top sneakers

Here is a very cool boyfriend outfit that is very different from the previously mentioned outfits. The big difference here is actually the black high-top sneakers. They change the feel of the outfit. Just pair them with a red and black plaid tunic to look sharp and adorable.

Black and white checked tunic with leggings

black and white checked tunic leggings

For a simple black and white look, you can simply pair a black and white plaid tunic with black leggings. Add a pair of black suede ankle boots to the look for a feminine touch.

Here are the plaid tunic outfit ideas that are very causal yet gorgeous. More importantly, they are extremely easy to peel off. Let’s just try them and see if you can add some of these outfits to your outfit game.

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