How To Get Fuller Lips Naturally

In fact, every woman wants fuller lips, and of course the lips should look natural. That is why many makeup artists are constantly creating new tricks and ways to achieve this effect. It is easiest to use a lipstick with a glossy finish, but prefer nude (or light pink) or clear shades. Then makeup artists even offer, for example, to create a false shadow under the lower lip with a dark eyeliner (but of course you need more practice, it is not as easy as it sounds) or a very thin line over the Cupid’s bow with a white one Eyeliner. You can try all the tricks and choose the right one for you, it all depends on your desires and makeup skills.

If you want fuller lips and are not ready for permanent cosmetic procedures, this idea is for you! Let’s try to repeat our tutorial too! You will need cotton swabs, lip balm, lipstick, lipstick or tinted lip balm and highlighters. Start with smooth, soft lips. Exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing them with a cotton swab and some lip balm (use a rich, conditioning one). Remove any dead skin (loose, flaking skin) and use a clean cotton swab to wipe off any excess balm from your lips. Then fill your lips completely with the lip liner. Cover up any missing pigmentation in your lips. Now define the edges of your lips by drawing them over slightly. For a natural, fuller look, just go directly over your natural lip contour. Read Here next steps of instruction.

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