Hoodie Sweatshirts Men Outfits

Hoodie Sweatshirts Men Outfits

If you want to create casual, comfy outfits that look stylish and amazing, you need to find a perfect hoodie sweatshirt. Today I offer you to pay attention to classic and eye-catching and think about how to combine such shirts with other clothes, accessories and shoes. First you should choose a color or color combination for your new sweatshirt, from neutral white, beige, black or gray to bright orange, red or cobalt blue. Second, you can try adding a hoodie to your outfit. For example, you can combine it with an elegant, straight, knee-length coat or a relaxed, oversized denim jacket. Now let’s scroll down to see all of the ideas.

Outfits with hoodies

For warm winter days you can create outfits with hoodies without additional jackets or coats. So you can take an olive green hoodie and pair it with mustard yellow loose pants and white sneakers. Or you can find a gray loose hooded sweatshirt and gray long t-shirt, black distressed pants and beige suede boots. If you want to go for a sporty look, you can buy a suit with a gray hoodie sweatshirt and gray sweatpants and add white sneakers to it.

Outfits with blazers, jackets and coats

If you follow fashion trends you already know that teddy bear coats are very popular right now. So you can pair an orange hoodie with a beige short teddy bear coat, orange beanie hat, beige cuffed pants, and white and marsala trainers. Another coat idea for cold days is a lambskin. For example, you can combine a black and white shearling jacket with a black t-shirt, gray hoodie sweatshirt, used-look jeans, and gray sneakers.

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