High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants Outfits

High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants Outfits

This blog post was written specifically for those of you who have to wear dress pants to the office all the time. I know many of you are already bored with the typical black dress pants that look good yet uninteresting. So I would like to recommend that you add the high waisted wide leg pants to your daily work outfits. To show you how beautiful and stylish they are, I have collected some really great looking high waisted wide leg pants outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them now.

Black high-waist pants and white jacket

High-waisted black suit pants, white jacket

Rather than starting the list with a typical white shirt and black dress pants combo, I’ll show you this super chic work outfit to get your attention. To achieve this amazing outfit, you can wear a white top with a white wool coat for the top. Pair them with black high-waisted wide-leg trousers and black platform heels for a stylish finish.

Black turtleneck with wide legs and wide pants


This is such a stylish and artistic black outfit that is especially suitable for those of you who work in the creative industries. For the top, wear a black fitted turtleneck. Pair it with black wide-leg pants to make your legs look long and slender. Wear a black ankle strap open toe with your shoes to add elegance to your outfit.

Black silk shirt with buttons and dark blue wide-leg pants

black silk button down shirt and dark blue wide leg trousers

Here is a very simple yet stylish and low key sexy outfit for you to consider. For the top, wear a silk black button down shirt and leave the top two or three buttons undone. Pair the shirt with a pair of navy wide-leg, high-waist pants to visually cinch your waist and look tall and slim. To further enhance this effect, you can hide a pair of black platform heels under your pants.

White Criss Cross Top Neck Top with beige wide pants

white criss cross neck top tan wide leg pants

For a glamorous and ladylike outfit, using the pink color is a good attitude. For the top, wear a white top with a cross halter neckline. Pair it with pink high waisted wide leg pants and black heels with ankle straps to look pretty and sexy.

White silk wrap top with olive wide leg pants

white silk wrap pants, olive wide leg pants

In a way, the wide-leg pants are like a flared skirt. It’s no surprise that it can make you feel breezy. For example, you can wear olive high-waisted wide-leg pants and white silk wrap top to look super stylish and breezy. Black open toe heels and a white leather clutch complete this look perfectly.

Wear it with a black three-quarter sleeve turtleneck sweater

black three-quarter sweater with stand-up collar

For a cool and dark two tone all black outfit you can wear a black three quarter sweatshirt with a mock neckline. Pair it with black wide leg dress pants and black heels with open toes and ankle straps to complete an outfit that makes you look slim and tall.

White printed button-up shirt with gray chinos and wide legs

white printed button down shirt, gray wide leg chinos

This outfit is a streamlined version of the typical white shirt and gray pants combo. The top is a white printed button down shirt while the pants are now the gray wide leg high waisted chinos. If you’re looking to dress down the casual list, complement your outfit with black pointed toe heels and a white leather handbag.

Crop top with white trousers with a high waist and wide legs

Crop top white pants with high waist and wide leg

This is a pretty all white outfit that demonstrates the trick of dressing up and down. This trick will make you move your waist up and make you look tall and slim. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a white sleeveless crop top with high-waisted wide-leg white dress pants. For the shoes, just tuck a pair of black open-toe heels under the pants to look even slimmer.

Dark blue t-shirt with dark blue suit pants

dark blue t-shirt navy suit pants

Not only can you wear dress pants to the office, but you can also style them in a way that makes them look good and suitable for meetings and dates with friends. For example, you can tone down the style by wearing a navy blue t-shirt with navy wide-leg pants. Pair the open toe with black ankle straps and a black leather handbag to add a sophisticated touch to this casual outfit.

Pink and black polka dot shirt with white pants

white pants with pink and black polka dot shirt

For those of you who think the white skinny jeans are already very unique and eye-catching. You might want to reconsider after seeing these wide leg white dress pants. You can wear a pink and black polka dot shirt to style. Pair a pair of gray suede ankle boots with a gray handbag to spice things up further.

Black trousers with a red and white horizontal striped sleeveless top

black pants red and white horizontally striped sleeveless top

These are not typical wide-leg pants, but straight-leg pants with a slightly flared bottom. This type of cutting box makes your legs look long without hiding all the curves. You can pair them with a red and white striped sleeveless top and black platform sandals to look stylish and casual.

Navy chiffon shirt with matching wide leg trousers

Dark blue chiffon shirt to match wide leg pants

This is a gorgeous and elegant all navy outfit. It consists of the dark blue chiffon shirt and the dark blue pants with wide legs. The shirt has that nifty bow detail that makes the outfit look a lot more adorable. You can simply combine the pieces with black open heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Black vest top with striped wide-leg pants

black vest top striped wide leg pants

For a stylish and casual look, you can wear a black vest top with a high waisted navy and white striped wide leg pants. Wear a pair of royal blue ballet flats to make the outfit even more eye-catching.

Light pink bodycon sweater with gray wide leg pants

light pink bodycon sweater gray wide leg pants

For a nice next-door look, you can wear a light pink sweater with gray wide-leg dress pants. The subtle patterns in both the top and the pants add some depth to the outfit, which makes the outfit even more remarkable. You can simply pair the outfit with nude sandals to complete the outfit in a refreshing way.

Here are the high waisted wide leg pants outfit ideas that I wanted to share with you. Hope you find them useful and try adding them to your portfolio of work outfits.

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