Henna Wrist Tattoos

Henna Wrist Tattoos

Henna tattoos are very popular in the summer: this is a great way to rock one or more cool tattoos and highlight the sexy parts of the body. This is a cool way to wear a tattoo that you’ve always wanted but dared not. A henna tattoo will go away in 2-3 weeks depending on your skin type, the amount of sun and sea water, and a few other factors.

The most popular placements for henna tattoos are hands, fingers, wrists and arms, as these tattoos mostly have a traditional design that is applied to the hands and feet of brides in some Asian countries. Today I want to share some of the coolest wrist tattoo ideas – some of them are inspired by traditional designs, others are more modern.

Traditionally inspired henna designs

Traditional bridal henna look stunning! I honestly can’t think of a more girly tattoo. These delicate lace patterns with flowers, hearts and swirls look amazing and will make your lovely hands stand out. Such tattoos usually cover the hands, going down to the fingers and down to the wrists and maybe the arms – it’s all up to you here. The designs on both hands can be different for a more noticeable effect. Also, try half or even whole mandalas on your wrists. This is pure philosophy and harmony.

Other designs

If you like modern tattoos, go for a minimal armband tattoo. If you prefer boho style, try dream catchers with feathers and other boho stuff. If you love Asian cultures, why not try the yin and yang signs that symbolize harmony. Ink what you love!

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