Hair Highlight Tips And Ideas

Hair Highlight Tips And Ideas

Hair highlights can do wonders to bring out the most attractive hues of your hair and complement your eyes and complexion when done right. Adding highlights to your stands creates hair texture and adds dimension to your look.


For highlights that look great as they grow out, use a darker hair color at your roots that blends into a lighter shade at the ends of your hair. Good highlights last three months. Highlighting your hair too much is always a bad idea – less is more!

If you don’t have the time or money for highlights, ask for a color-refreshing conditioner. It only takes five minutes and is a fraction of the cost of highlighting. This is a great way to look great on the go without breaking the bank.

When adding highlights to your hair for a big event such as a B. Your wedding hairstyle, have the highlights finished at least 2 weeks in advance so that your hair and the color of the highlights can calm down.


Brunettes don’t need highlights. Have your colorist paint lighter parts in your hair before rinsing out your color. This creates depth and dimension that enhance the natural tone of your hair. To give your hair a lighter look, choose highlights in shades of blonde or gold. For a dark, deeper effect, try lowlights in plum, maroon, or chestnut. For blondes, using lowlights makes them look darker without drastically changing all of their hair.

Highlights can be used to cover up or break up the look of gray hair and are especially effective on blonde hair colors.

For natural, sun-kissed highlights, use natural hair colors in thin strands around your face or sparingly through bangs.

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