Fruit Berry Printed Pants Outfits

Fruit Berry Printed Pants Outfits

Summer is almost here so you have a few days to prepare for it. And today we want to keep sharing wonderful and so cute clothing ideas like pants with fruit and berry print with you. All you need is to choose a type of trousers, from stylish trousers to casual straight trousers, from elegant wide leg to relaxed trousers with loose cuffs, etc. And then you should choose your favorite fruit or berry for your new items to buy. Below are some great ideas. So scroll down and get some inspiration!

Outfits with flat shoes and sneakers

Of course, the sporty look is the most comfortable. So you can try repeating a combination with a gray hoodie shirt, slim cropped pants with lemon print, and white sneakers. For those who want to create a relaxed holiday look, I offer to take a white sleeveless top and combine it with straight pants with pineapple print and flat leather sandals. Or choose a white loose fit t-shirt and pair it with fruit print pants, a beige wide-brimmed hat, a beige bag and brown flat sandals.

Outfits with high heels

If you want to achieve a sleek and eye-catching look at the same time, you can choose a white oversized shirt and pair it with slim pineapple pants, a yellow clutch, oversized sunglasses and light pink pumps. Or take a white shoulder blouse and combine it with black and yellow lemon trousers, black high heels and a small bag with a black chain strap. Do you want something romantic? Then find a suit with a lemon-printed ruffle top and lemon-printed culottes, pair them with black platform shoes with ankle straps. For a beach outfit, pair a purple crop top with white and black pineapple crop pants with wide legs and red and black sandals with striped heels.

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