Fringe Boots Outfits

Fringe Boots Outfits

It seems that there is a fringe trend everywhere: many designers offer you great fringed skirts, jackets, coats, jeans, etc. So I am sure that you have at least one item of clothing with this decor element. We’ve already told you about fringed shoes for summer days, but this time we’re looking at some ideas for fringed boots for fall. It is true that many of us associate these type of boots with country style looks, but you can try pairing them with other clothes and creating different outfits besides just cowboy or cowgirl outfits.

dresses and skirts

There’s no secret – it’s easy to combine fringed boots with dresses or skirts! If you’re looking to create a girly outfit, first decide which boots you’d like – ankle-heeled or flat or above the knee – then choose a minirater skirt (you can take a printed one), a leather jacket, and a wide-brimmed hat. For a more elegant look, you can take fringed heeled ankle boots and combine them with a fitted midi dress, midi coat and oversized scarf. Look for ideas for a cozy outfit, then watch out for oversized items of clothing and accessories such as sweaters, scarves, coats or blazers. They look absolutely perfect with warm and comfortable fringed boots.

Pants and leggings

If you’re into country style, you already know that fringed boots look amazing with jeans. Whichever boots you choose (above the knee, mid-calf, ankle, etc.), jeans are always a great choice! To these outfits, you can add a turtleneck, leather or suede jacket, and a small bag. Remember, you don’t need too many accents in your outfit. So don’t add any fringed clothing or accessories to your fringed boots. Of course, every rule has an exception and it all depends on your favorite style. So if you’re creating a cowgirl look, you can try wearing a fringed jacket and boots together.

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