Floral Nail Art Ideas

Floral Nail Art Ideas

Everything is blooming around, and if you want to bloom too, you can rock something floral – a blazer, blouse, skirt, or shorts. Another idea is to rock floral arrangements and many are a floral manicure. This way you don’t have too many flowers on and you look stylish. Let me share some of the best ideas I could come up with to inspire you to rock a floral mani!

Floral accent nails

Flower nails are very popular just to emphasize manicure. They make it possible to bring many outfits and occasions together. For example, you can opt for a traditional or a blush black manicure and just add some delicate flowers on the edge, making such nails suitable for the office. A simple peach, pink, or lavender manicure looks absolutely girly with just an accent nail or two with flowers. If it’s a neutral manicure, you can highlight it with bold flowers.

All nails flowery

Do you think such a mani is tasteless? None of that! A floral manicure is timeless and chic and goes perfectly with a vintage or boho outfit. To give your floral manicure a modern feel, rock a matte cover and a white or black background for the flowers. Another trendy idea is a negative space mani with flowers – these can be pastel colored ones for a cute spring look. Get inspired!

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