feather headdress

feather headdress

Artistically designed spring decorations have always been the typical trademark of the Indians. Chic Indian jewelery such as feather earrings and dream catchers are also popular in Germany as jewelery for special occasions and on unusual clothing.

Spring jewelry was always worn, after all it was already indispensable for the Indians. Not quite as colorful and conspicuous as women still wear today, you can create a touch of extravagance with spring jewelry.

Feathers as hair ornaments

You can often see feathers used as hair ornaments. They are usually incorporated into stylish updos to give the hairstyle that certain something.

Feathers as a necklace

There are also feather ornaments in the form of pendants. These are often designed in a bright color and not too big, since they should not completely cover the gap.

feathers as earrings

You can also wear earrings with feathers. Each earring usually has a feather hanging from it, which comes in different widths and lengths and of course different colors.

Less often you see feathers on rings or bracelets.

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Sterling Silver Feather Necklace - Native American Silver Feather.
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