fashion trends

fashion trends

What was really hip yesterday is out today. The latest fashion trends for the coming season are presented on the catwalks of the world. If you want to keep up to date, you are usually well advised to go to fashion magazines.

Classification of the fashion trends category

At the end of each year, at the latest with the start of a new one, there is a rush in the (magazine) newspaper forest: What are the upcoming fashion trends, what is in, what is out? It is speculated, presented, rejected – but what exactly is a fashion trend? And where is he from? “Mode” derives from the Latin “mode” and describes a specific way in which the current zeitgeist is expressed.

defaults and options

In clothes, fashion regularly harmonizes standards (like this summer’s must-have) and options (like “can” with combined pants or skirts), developing a desirable pattern. The fashion-conscious person can regularly take the popular magazines that are currently considered very up-to-date, which he should definitely have in his closet and which one can easily do without.

trending development

The trend is best understood as the direction in which these proposals are going. The more often a certain style, sometimes just a combination, is promoted as desirable and attractive, the clearer and stronger the corresponding trend.

Incidentally, trends are not only created at the world’s major fashion shows, but everywhere. Sometimes they develop for purely practical reasons, often old things are rediscovered and varied. More than once an individual has been a trendsetter unknowingly because their individual style has been so popular that it has been copied countless times.

The consumer always decides at the end of the day whether a fashion trend will actually catch on or whether it will quickly disappear as a seasonal mood. whether it’s wise to commit to perennial classics, follow every trend, see fashion as a statement, or just have fun – too.

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