Fall Bright Coats Outfits

Fall Bright Coats Outfits

We’re all used to seeing basic coats – camel, black, creamy, navy, gray, but what if you don’t want to go easy? Make a bold statement with a bright coat this fall! How do you style it? There are two options: wearing a strong coat and all the basics and muted shades, or going very light with different colors. Let’s take a look at both ideas!

Basics + a bold coat

The most popular idea is to wear only simple colors and items, and upgrade your outfit with just one bright element – your coat. With such a combination, you can not go wrong, your coat will liven up the look, and the rest can be calm and simple, nothing special is required here.

All colorful looks

If you want to go crazy this fall, you can add some bright accents to your look: a coat, shoes, a scarf, a bag or a pair of pants or a skirt. We strongly recommend limiting yourself to 2-3 bright colors and not adding any more to avoid tasteless looks.

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