Embellished top outfit ideas

Embellished top outfit ideas

The embellished bodice is one of those things that you can wear for both day and night events. It’s perfectly tailored top with some sparkling details placed around the neck, on the shoulders or just randomly.
If you’re looking to buy a new top but aren’t sure which one to buy, check out these outfit combos I’ve prepared.

From crystals to 3D floral motifs, embellished things are all about the details. You don’t need secure jewelry. Whether you are going to an event or hanging out with your friends at the bar, this type of attire will bring you glamor and elegance. Still, you will look casual and cool.
Let’s see what I’ve prepared for today.

Romantic pink

op romantically embellished
Tell me is there something in this photo you don’t like? I personally adore everything.
Blush pink is already known as the color of the moment, while pearls always add a romantic vibe to your outfits. The side pocket pant is great and can also be styled for dressy occasions. To make your embellished top stand out, style your hair in a bun or ponytail.

White and soft pink

decorated top soft pink
If you’re a pant like me, then you probably love combinations like these.
The elegant blouse with beautiful decorations in soft pink is ideal for business meetings, dinners and other formal occasions. However, it’s also a great layered piece. You can wear it with your cardigan for working time.
When it comes to shoes, you can opt for nude stilettos.

Gray embellished bodice with skirt

embellished gray ruffle skirt
This outfit is ideal for transitional weather. You will feel warm enough but also very stylish at the same time.
The peach ruffle skirt is an amazing and very flattering staple. Combined with the gray top, you get the surprisingly good combo for both day and night events. You can opt for a black bag a la Chanel and strappy heeled sandals. This is a great and very comfortable outfit to wear while staying stylish.

Embellished bodice with puff sleeves

embellished upper puff sleeves
Puffed jackets and puffed cuts in general are very popular in street style this winter. Everyone tried to incorporate this type of clothing into their everyday wardrobe.
However, if you want to be more elegant, you can opt for this beautiful transparent top with puff sleeves. You can wear it like a girl in the photo above – with black overalls. Add a brown leather bag and there you go!

White cardigan with embellished bodice

embellished top cardigan
When I mentioned that you can wear your blouse with a cardigan, I actually had something in mind.
Casual pink trousers are perfect for casual city wear, while the embellished top creates a chic vibe. Cardigan is a great staple that every girl should have in her closet.
This is one of those outfits that you can wear for both casual and dressy occasions.

Matching gray outfit

Embellished Top Matchy Outfit
Who doesn’t like matching outfits? They are at the top of my quick combo list.
You’ll spend less than 10 minutes in front of the mirror, but in the end the result is an amazing outfit that’s ready for many different occasions. The matching sweatshirt and skirt with sparkling embellishments are great to wear as they look very comfortable and flattering.
You can combine them with Adidas sneakers or flats.

Colorful crystals

decorated top colorful crystals
Gigi Hadid shows us how to wear a colorful crystal embellished crop top. She combines it with skinny jeans. When it comes to shoes, you can pair this look with super high heels or sneakers. It depends on where you want to go. Style your top accordingly.
If you don’t like the look of jeans, you can replace them with a nice high-waisted black skirt.

Embellished and baby pink pant suit

Embellished Top Baby Pink Pants Suit
Model Hailey Baldwin wears this baby pink blazer and shorts with an embellished bodice for the ultimate sexy look. If you are going to a nightclub, choose this outfit.
The gold top goes perfectly with a pink blazer. There is nothing more beautiful than pastel shades combined with golden sequins.
When it comes to shoes, you can opt for light pink pointe shoes or nude or black strappy sandals.

Decorated pastel

ornate top pastel colors
I think I can remember that Burberry runway show falling in love with almost every piece they put on. This outfit is one of them. If you want to recreate this look, you’ll need to find similar staples or have a good seamstress.
These gorgeous embellished garments are great for occasions like weddings, holiday lunches or birthday parties.

All decorated in black

decorated top all black
Sometimes the black outfit doesn’t look boring at all. Adding some sparkly details is all you need to achieve the interesting look, like these black embellished details on this top.
Let the rest of your outfit be in a low key vibe. Comfortable pants would be your favorites.
You don’t need jewelry to make this outfit more sparkly than it already is. Complete this look with a small black clutch and open sandals.

Black sheer top with beads

decorated top pearls
High-waisted jeans are perfect casual wear for many different occasions. However, if you combine it with a sheer top decorated with delicate white beads, you get a head-turner outfit combo. Pair this look with a leather jacket and strappy sandals.
You can wear it for New Year’s Eve, birthday party and party.

Leather trousers with a decorated top

decorated upper leather pants
This embellished top has a wonderful retro feel. However, it gets a whole new look when you pair it with skinny leather pants, which are very modern.
If you want to keep that blast from the past, you can accessorize this look with faux fur accessories and finish off with black studded ankle boots.

I hope you find something you like and try to recreate it. This garment will definitely become one of your favorites, trust me.

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