Edgy Mom Jeans Outfits

Edgy Mom Jeans Outfits

Mom jeans are the hottest denim trend right now and we’ve prepared some chic and bold looks for spring and summer that prove that mom jeans are no worse than skinnies!

What’s the hottest mom jeans idea right now? Right, these are high-waisted, blue-cut mom jeans – a perfect way to instantly modernize your outfit without changing much. Better to skip torn ones and just give a desperate hem and no other details.

Second, what should you wear them with? Mom jeans look great with many types of tops, t-shirts, button-downs. When it’s cold, you can put a blazer or duster over it. As for shoes, give preference to sneakers, trainers, slingbacks or mules to keep the outfit on trend. Add a convenient bag or pouch and you’re good to go!

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